Color by Sight Word

Nov 27, 2018

Activity for ages 4 to 6.

Keeping kids motivated to practice sight words can be a challenge but this fun fun color by sight word activity is an easy solution.

Scroll below to snag your freebie and then make sure to hop over and grab all of our word work games to keep kids engaged!

Getting Ready

Prep was easy peasy, I printed off the five different coloring choices, grabbed some crayons and we were all set. (Colored pencils or markers would work well too.)

Couldn’t get any easier!

Color by Sight Word

Since there were five different choices, I placed the papers on the table and let the kids choose which one they wanted to tackle first.

Each sheet has sight words from our amazing combined sight word lists, so I knew they would all give students great reading practice.

Together we looked at the key at the top of the page.

We read each word and then they colored the box to match the key: “it” was pink, “of ” was yellow, etc.

It was finally time to color!

The students chose the section they wanted to color first.

They read the word, looked at the key to figure out what color the section should be, and then used their crayon to color it.

We continued reading the words and coloring each section until the picture was revealed!

Grab Your Download

Ready to get coloring? Scroll below to snag your freebie. Then make sure to hop over and snag all of our word work activities to keep the motivation going!

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