10 Printable Early Reader Books for Girls

This pack of 10 printable early reader books is filled with things girls love most: dress up, princesses, fairies, baking, pets and more. Grab your copy in the shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!

10 early reader books about things girls love most: pets, dress up, ballerinas, baking and more.

What’s Inside?

These high interest early reader books include pictures that closely match the words so that even the newest reader can confidently read on her own.

Awesome early reader books for girls! My new readers will love these.

The stories use the most common words in English including {the, and, a} so that children spend time reading the words they’ll come across most often in books. And every printable book also includes an easy prep pointer kids can use to follow underneath each word PLUS preview cards you can use to introduce kids to new sight words and vocabulary..

My new readers will love these printable easy reader books for girls!

Grab Your Set

Download your own pack for just in the shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers. (Snag the set of early readers for boys HERE.)

10 early reader books about things boys love most: monsters, dinosaurs, race cars and more.


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  1. Brian Mozill

    Hello, I really appreciate your site and the content involved. However, it is appalling that there are materials for “boys” and for “girls”. A child’s gender has NOTHING to do with their interests, likes and dislikes, or reading level. PLEASE remove these labels and offer the content for all, regardless of their gender identity.

    • Malia Hollowell

      Hi Brian,

      Thank you for sharing your concern. Many children find the beginning stages of learning how to read very difficult so, to help increase their motivation for practicing their hard new skill, I created books about things they love most.

      I hear your concern about labeling children and, in this case, respectfully disagree. In my own experience as a parent and as a teacher, I’ve seen children who identify with a certain gender tend to have similar interests.




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