Magic E activity pack!
Motivating Magic E ActivitiesMemorable magic E poster for kids!Long and short vowel sortClip and sort short and long vowelsMagic E wands! Fun way to practice short and long vowelsColor or bingo dab the correct spelling.Race to put out the fire and read and write CVC and CVCe words along the way.Grab a card and spell the word next to the number that matches!A class set of Magic E Bingo!27 Magic E Clip Cards.

Magic E Activity Pack


This playful magic E activity pack teaches kids what happens to words when a silent e is added to the end.

Magically transform words with magic E wands, read and write CVC and CVCe words as you race to put out a raging fire, play a motivating round of Magic E Bingo and so. much. more.

Check out all of the fun included in this Magic E activity pack below.

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Product Description

Ready to tackle those tricky CVCe words?! The Magic E Activity Pack includes nine engaging CVCe activities:

  • Magic E rhyme and poster
  • Magic E wands
  • Long and short vowel sort
  • Cut and sort practice sheet
  • What’s Right? practice pages
  • 27 clip cards
  • Say and spell activity
  • Magic E bingo (class set!)
  • Fire sort game board

The activities are great to use as literacy centers, guided reading activities or word work stations!


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