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Ensuring a child understands the fundamentals of reading is perhaps the single most important lesson a teacher or parent can impart to their children. Understanding how to teach reading can be very confusing with all the different theories and deviations in standards and curriculum guidelines that exist.

For many teachers and parents, finding a reputable source for proven activities that provide a clear path on how to teach reading is time consuming and potentially very expensive as well. That’s why finding trust in a company like Playdough to Plato lets educators and parents enjoy a sigh of relief when looking for resources related to how to teach a child to read.

With a large database of materials designed for pre-K, kindergarten and first grade that are designed to “teach the teacher” how to teach reading for those who need it, and provide support and materials for those who are simply looking to supplement what they have, Playdough to Plato has become a crucial part of planning and learning more about how to teach reading. Educators have access to many free resources, or can join the Plato Pack membership with a small monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription plan! Inside The Plato Pack, members can search through all the available materials by grade, type of activity, ELA standards, themes and more. The activities and centers are consistently being updated based on feedback from members. Teachers love the accessibility to share information, ask questions and request resources to be added weekly and available to all members further adding value to their memberships.  

Playdough to Plato can take the daunting task of teaching reading and turn it into the ability to creatively teach and reinforce key concepts through hands-on worksheets, activities and games that children will ask for and enjoy. Less stress. More time. More enjoyment from teaching. Better results. It’s fun, easy to use and saves you time and money. These are just some of the benefits that users of The Plato Pack tout in reviews. 

It’s a big job – and Playdough to Plato can be a trusted partner with ideas, support and proven methods and materials for how to teach any child to read.

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