Unicorn Sight Word Game


Practicing sight words just got so much more fun!  As kids race to reach the rainbow first in this sight word game, they read, write and spell their sight words along the way.

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Getting Ready

Prepping the editable game was a cinch!

I typed a word into each spot on the board game. Then, I printed one board for the boys to share and two record sheets – one for each of them.

I grabbed a playing die and a couple of game pieces and we were ready to play the sight word game.

Unicorn Race Sight Word Game

Big Brother (age 7) rolled the die first.

A three! He moved three spots and read and spelled the word “love.”

Then, he wrote the word on his sheet in the column marked “Player One.”

Middle Brother (age 5) was next. He rolled the die and moved his playing piece five spots.

He carefully sounded out the letters and then spelled the word out loud: “Can. C-A-N.”

Then, we worked together to write the word under his “Player Two” column while Big Brother did the same.

One roll after the next, the boys took turns rolling, reading, spelling and writing their words during the sight word game until Middle Brother reached the finish line first and won!

The boys reset their game pieces on start and began again – continuing until they filled their record sheet.  When it was filled, they begged to play again!  It was a fun way to practice sight words – no flashcards needed!

Grab Your Free Set

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  1. This is wonderful! How do I change the font to look like yours when editing and adding my own words? Thank you

    1. Hooray! I hope your kids love them as much as we do!
      Let us know.
      Kimberleigh // Happiness Ambassador

  2. Maybe a silly question…what are you using for the game pieces in your pictures?

    LLOVE, love your creations!

    1. Hello Gayla!,
      No silly questions! I promise 🙂
      We use old pieces from other board games, I can’t remember exactly which board game these were from, but I hope this helps!

  3. Hi Andtea,

    Thank you so much for reaching out, I am sorry you are having trouble editing, we never want that.
    Here are a few tips:
    Please make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader Other, it is free and is the only reader that will ensure that our products and freebies download, can be edited, and print correctly.
    You also want to be sure that you are working with the file that has been downloaded and saved to your computer – not the initial “preview file” that pops up. We often have customers trying to edit that file and it doesn’t work the same as Adobe Reader.
    Ashley // Happiness Ambassador, Playdough to Plato/The STEM Laboratory

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