Thumbprint Calendar

Sending students’ home for winter break with a keepsake holiday gift they can give their families is one of my all-time *favorite* traditions so we pulled together a kid-made thumbprint calendar parents will cherish all. year. long!

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Getting Ready

First, print a class set of the pages.

Then, grab your supplies:

  • Several different colors of ink pads,
  • Crayons or markers,
  • Glue sticks,
  • 9×12 colored construction paper, and
  • Comb bindings

Voila! You’re ready to dive in and get started.

Homemade Thumbprint Calendar

Beginning with the cover page, have students use their thumbs to complete the cute animal prints at the top.

Then ask them to color the “THUMBODY” letters and year before signing their name at the bottom.

Then, working on one page each day, have students use a marker to write in the days of the month in the correct spot on the calendar. If they know of any important dates (holidays they celebrate, birthdays, etc.) they can write those in too!

(Note: I recommend beginning this project several weeks before winter break to allow plenty of time to finish.)

When the numbers are complete, have students print their thumb in the correct places on the sheet and color the remaining parts of their picture with crayons. Let them add as many details as they’d like!

When the page is ready, help each child glue their calendar onto a 9×12 inch sheet of colored construction paper.

Continue working on one page each day until the entire set is complete.

Then, use the comb binding to secure the pages together along the top. Wrap the calendar and send it home as a family gift!

See the Thumbprint Calendar in Action

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