With summer just around the corner, my students are counting down the days until break.  This long e sunglasses activity were the perfect way to keep my kids excited about practicing the long e sound even with summer break rapidly approaching.

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Getting Ready

To prepare for this long e activity, I printed the word cards and two different pairs of sunglasses for each child on cardstock.

To make the word cards self-checking, I placed a blue dot on the back of the words that matched the blue pair of ee sunglasses and a red dot on the back of the cards that matched the red ea sunglasses.

Lastly, I printed off the record sheet so that more advanced students could track their work.

Tip: For an extra fun element, I decided to glue each pair of sunglasses to a popsicle stick, but you can always leave this step off.

Summer Long E Activity

To start, I reviewed the long e rules with my students and showed them an example of each.

The long e sound can be made by ee as in bee.

Or by ea as in beach.

Then, I pulled out two pairs of sunglasses: the red sunglasses with the ea, and the blue sunglasses with ee.

Together the children decided which pair of sunglasses went with the word cards teeth and jeans.

After we did a few more practice rounds, I gave each student several cards and had them practice placing the right pair of sunglasses on the correct word.

The kids could check their work by placing the sunglasses on the word card and turning it over to see the matching dot on the back.

Once everyone had gone through their words, I had the students trade their cards and try spelling some new words.

Long E Extension Activity

Once the students felt more confident in their choices, I passed out the record sheet and had the students spell the long e words on their worksheet.

This long e activity was a great way to work reading and writing of long e words.

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  1. Love this! Do you have them available for the other vowels as well?

    1. Hi Debbie,
      We don’t currently have them for other vowels.
      However, I just emailed you a few other ideas.
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

    1. Yay! Hope your students love it too 🙂
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

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