This sight word game is a must-try! Students will love playing it and YOU’LL love the easy prep.

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Getting Ready

To prep, I printed the game (below). You can use either the sight word or alphabet sheet, depending on what your students are working on at the moment.

That’s it! We were ready to play.

(See? I promised it was simple.)

Sight Word Squares

Each player picked a sight word to practice during the sight word game. Player One chose “the” and Player Two chose “me.”

Then, they picked a different colored marker and started taking turns connecting two dots with a line.

After a few rounds, Player One drew a line that made a square. To claim it, he wrote his sight word in the middle.

The players continued taking turns drawing lines and writing their sight word in the middle of each box they made.

It was exciting to see the strategizing and excitement play out during this unique sight word game.

When all of the squares had been claimed, the children counted up the ones they’d claimed.

And since Player Two had the most, she won the game!

So simple, yet super motivating!

Grab Your Set

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  1. Good one. We have used your laminated alphabet cards in so many ways and I can anticipate that this one will be just as useful

    1. Yay, Kimira! I’m excited to hear that the alphabet cards are coming in handy. I hope your kids enjoy the Magic Squares too. 🙂

  2. This very activity was in my “Blog Idea Notebook” to do post about in January! You stinker! Must be a “great mind” thing. 😉

    1. Hooray! I’m excited to hear that the Magic Squares are helpful, Allison. I hope that they’ll be a hit with your family too.

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