Sunshine and sidewalk chalk make for very fun summer days! If your child is learning to skip count (2, 4, 6…), these fun sidewalk chalk skip counting activities are a must try.

They’re a great way to enjoy the sunshine and get in some fun math practice before school starts again.  For more number fun during the summer, check out our Number Formation Pack in our shop!

Skip Counting Hopscotch

My daughter loves hopscotch and flies through them numbered 1-10. So one day I gave her a little challenge. As soon as she saw it she said, “Ohh, counting by twos!” She was intrigued by this skip counting activity.  Her first attempt was cautious as she studied the numbers. She did it quietly and wanted to try again.

Then, I counted by twos out loud for her as she jumped.

I let her know that when she was ready, she could try to say them out loud as she hopped. Oh, that was a challenge! A great way for the mind and body to practice working together.

After she finished, she turned around and said she was going to do it backwards! Kids have such great ideas and I love seeing them make something their own.

We continued on by changing our hopscotch board to practice counting by twos to twenty.

A few days later, we did another skip counting activity.  We tried hopscotch counting by 10s and 5s. Some of our neighborhood kids tried it out too as they walked by. They were surprised to see a hopscotch that was different than counting up by ones and the kids had a fun time being in the sunshine hopping together.

Skip Counting Rings

Here is another game we made up with just a pebble and sidewalk chalk.

Each ring had a value of 5. We drew a line a few feet away and tossed the pebble, trying to hit the bullseye. (You can easily do this by tens if that’s what you’re working on.)

Then, we counted together from five up to the value the rock landed in. “Five, Ten, Fifteen, Twenty!” We took turns tossing and counting together.

A quick and easy way to practice counting by fives (or twos, tens, etc.) and without it being too competitive.

When you’re done having fun outdoors, cool down indoors with our awesome Number Formation Pack!

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  1. I love your brilliant ideas of skip counting

    1. YAY! Hope it’s helpful for your students as well 🙂
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

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