Spring Emergent Readers


Looking for spring emergent readers that help students build a strong foundation of reading skills? This batch of five DRA level A spring-themed books is for you! They’re perfect for new readers in Pre-K and Kindergarten.

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–> 5 emergent reader books in color practicing the common sight words “look, at, the, she, had, a, I, see, little, need, my.”

–> A second set of the same 5 books in black and white in case you’d like to save ink.

–> Matching reading pointers students can use to point underneath each word as they read. The pointers are a playful way to build kids’ one to one correspondence and help them remember to read left to right across the page.

–> Pocket chart cards you can use to practice the text as a whole class or during your read around the room center.

–> Follow up practice pages to use as guided reading activities, morning work, a literacy center or homework.

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