Kindergarten Archives

If you’re looking for kindergarten centers your kids will LOVE, you’ve come to the right spot!

Just click one of the skills below and you’ll be taken to a HUGE collection of creative, powerful ways to make learning fun for kids.

Literacy Centers

Solidify pre-reading skills like rhyming and syllable segmenting and then move on to letter sounds, word families and sight words.

Writing Centers

Teach kids how to sound out words, stretch stories and more with these engaging writing projects.

Math Centers

Help kindergarteners build a solid foundation of math skills by playing motivating games.

Science Activities

Get little Einsteins excited about science with some simple, insanely cool activities.

Seasonal Centers

Find some engaging activities to add some seasonal fun and learning to your classroom.

Teaching Tips

Add a few brilliant classroom management tips and teaching hacks to your can’t wait to try list.

Life Skills

Help kindergarteners become big kids by teaching them important life skills.