These free alphabet printables are perfect for young learners! Help children identify beginning sounds, lowercase letters and uppercase letters with a colorful alphabet chart, clip it cards and letter matching puzzles.

Snag your set below and then hop over to our shop and grab the Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack for more alphabet and learning fun!

Alphabet Printables

The free alphabet printables include:

  • Alphabet chart – This is a handy reference chart for a writing center.
  • Alphabet clip cards – Children place a peg on the picture that begins with the letter featured on each card.
  • Alphabet puzzles – Students match lowercase and uppercase letters. They also help children identify the beginning sounds of each picture.


Grab Your Set

Click the blue “download” below  and then hop over to grab our amazing Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack for more learning!

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  1. Wow?? Im a new teacher it help me a lot to have many ideas❤️❤️

  2. I love the freebie, however, was disappointed that the bottom of each page was cut off when I printed them.

    1. Hi Sue, I’m glad you love the freebie. As for the printing issue, you may have to adjust your printer settings to “fit to page” or check that the paper is loaded in the tray correctly. I hope that helps. Kind regards, Rosemary.

  3. Hi!
    Just noticed that your number dice at the bottom of your alphabet poster is incorrect for the numbers 6-10. Hopefully it is easy to correct it. 🙂
    Looking forward to trying some of you activities.

  4. I like the freebie but the picture for the letter C has a dog on it, I guess he has a cold.. for this level I would change it for something easier to associate with the letter C..Children will automatically think Dog “D” then we would need to explain no this is C he has a …”cold”.

    1. I think the point of that activity is for the child to choose the picture that matches the sound the letter makes. Dog was one option for C. The other picture was a caterpillar.

  5. You are a very talented and passionate teacher, thank you so much for sharing the amazing freebies you create!! You’re a bucket filler!



  6. Hi, can you share the direct link to download? I am unable to locate it on the page
    thank you

  7. Hi, Thanks so much for the free printable download.
    I have a silly question on Alphabet puzzles for alphabet O, I cannot guess what the green fruit is starting with alphabet O.

    1. Hi Kit!

      Not a silly question at all.

      The food next to the O is an olive. 🙂

      I hope this helps!



  8. Thank you. It really helps my kids understand sounds of Alphabet. they were happy to get it.

    1. Wonderful! We’re so glad they’re enjoying it!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

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