If you’re on the hunt for easy prep, fun to play 4th of July activities for kids, I have you covered. Just print the free Bingo game and counting clip cards (below) and get ready for a 4th of July your young patriots will always remember.

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Getting Ready

To prep, I first gathered together my supplies:

  • Printable Activity Pack (below)
  • Scotch™ PRO Thermal Laminator TL-906
  • Scotch™ Thermal Laminating Pouches – This project used 7
  • 7 sheets of cardstock
  • Scissors
  • 16 clothespins
  • 12 tokens {coins, glass gems, etc.} for each child

After printing the activity pack (below) on cardstock to give it extra durability, I cut apart the counting cards.

Cut apart the free clip cards

Then, I counted the objects on each card and clipped the matching number with a clothespin. I flipped over the cards and marked the clipped answer with a crayon so my kids could easily self-check their answers later.

Clip the correct numbers on the back of the cards

Next, I placed my Scotch® Brand laminator on a flat, stable surface. I opened the input tray and fully extended it until the tray clicked. I plugged in the cord and pressed the power button.

Since I printed the activity pack on cardstock, I pressed the 5 mil heat setting. When the green ready light turned on about one minute later, I knew the laminator was warm enough to use.

Laminate the free 4th of July printables

Then, I placed the counting cards and Bingo game boards in Scotch® Brand laminating pouches, ensuring that there was at least .13 inch of space surrounding each piece.

I closed the pouch and carefully inserted the sealed end directly into the laminator inlet, gently guiding the pouch until the machine pulled it forward.

Laminate the 4th of July Freebies

The laminated cards automatically exited the outlet of the laminator. (Note: Do not pull the pouch through the laminator!) I removed the pouch and set it aside on a flat surface to cool.

When all of the pouches had passed through the laminator, I pressed the power button to turn the laminator off and allow it to cool a few minutes before putting it away.

4th of July Activities

Then, I cut apart my now cool playing pieces and invited my kids to count and clip the number cards…

Free 4th of July Clip Cards

And enjoy a fun round of July 4th Bingo!

Free 4th of July Bingo

Grab Your Freebies

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