Fluency Trees

Activity for ages 5 to 8.

Building students’ reading fluency takes practice. Lots and lots of practice.

But our pack of fluency trees makes it so easy to take children’s reading to the next level by giving kids practice reading the top 100 Dolch and Fry sight words in growing sentences.

Grab your pack in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Getting Ready

To prep the cards, I simply printed them out on bright neon paper to give them a playful pop of color and cut along the grey lines to separate them into individual cards.

Then I punched a hole in the upper left corner of each one and clipped them with a binder ring to keep the set together.

You could easily create color coded packs of cards for students to work through by printing the first few sheets on one color, printing the next few sheets on a different color, etc.

To make the activity extra motivating, I printed off the reading spinners that are also included in the pack and grabbed a paper clip to spin around the tip of a pencil so we could make a DIY spinner.

Building Fluency

Then we were ready to get to work!

I showed Big Brother (age 7) how to flick the paper clip around the tip of a pencil he’d placed in the center of the spinner.

Our first flick landed on “mouse” so I grabbed the first fluency tree in the stack and read it using my best mouse voice.

I pointed underneath each word as I read to reinforce one to one correspondence.

When we made it to the last row on the card, I pointed out that the line ended with a question mark so I knew I would need to raise my voice on that last word to make it a question.

Then it was Big Brother’s turn! He eagerly spun the spinner and landed on “dad”. Making his voice as low as it would go, he read through the card and pointed underneath each word as he went along.

After spinning several voices, Big Brother returned the fluency tree to the pile and grabbed a new one to tackle next.

The set was such a simple way to add some fun to our fluency work!

Grab Your Set

Ready to download your pack too? Hop over and grab your copy in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!


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    Hi Malia,
    I have purchased a myriad of your awesome activity ideas and more recently I have been ,taking sight word games with your editable version which makes the 25+ games is absolutely brilliant. I have a big ask. Can you please tell me step by step how to change the font used in this program, as I work with many children who experience dyslexia and am looking at purchasing the ‘DYSLEXIE’ font, which has been specifically designed for children with learning difficulties, especially dyslexia.

    • Ashley

      Hi Pen,
      Thanks for reaching out. We are thrilled to hear you have been enjoying the activities. However, even activities that are “editable” do not have the option of changing the actual fonts used on the pages. To do that we would need to remove the security, which would violate copyright – both ours and the artists whose clip art we use. I do hope your students still enjoy the activities. If you need further help, you can email me at hello@playdoughtoplato.com.
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador


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