File Folder Sound Wall

I’m hosting a free science of reading webinar this weekend and am giving away this file folder sound wall as a show up live bonus.

But here’s the thing – as a Plato Pack member, I always want to give you special VIP treatment so I don’t want you to have to wait until the webinar…

I want you to get your hands on the sound wall RIGHT NOW!

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Getting Ready

To prep these awesome sound walls, you can choose to create a space in your classroom or on your bulletin board so the class can easily reference them.

(But the best part about these sound file folders is that students can keep them at their seat so they don’t need to squint trying to read the sound wall across the room. Or rather, wade their way through a traffic jam in front of vowel valley! They are able to keep their own set.)

Print the pages in color and grab some file folders – one for each student in the room. You can choose to create sound folders with mouth shapes or without.

For each set, open up the file folder. Then, glue the Vowel Valley to the top portion and Consonants to the bottom portion. Close the file folder, and glue the title page onto the front.

File Folder Sound Wall

These beauties are great to use for reading, writing, and all things literacy!

And my favorite part is that this handy reference is right there when they need it! Students will love being able to use them as their very own reference!

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1 Comment

  1. Karien Hoogenboezem

    Hello Malia, I love the vowel valley and sound wall idea, but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around when to introduce it. Am I correct in saying that the children should first know most of the sounds of the letters of the alphabet? Or do you introduce a letter and then add them to the correct category on your sound wall, so you include it in your letter study?
    Also, would you replace your word wall with these two ‘walls’ or would you still have a word wall and create the folder for the sound wall and vowel valley as you described above?
    Thank you for all you have done in 2021!
    With warm regards, Karien.


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