It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall so it’s the perfect time to set up a new sight word game kids will beg to play over and over again. Fall Sight Word Dash is motivating AND editable so you can practice any words under the sun!

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Fall Sight Word Dash

Getting Ready

To prep, I typed Big Brother’s (age 7) sight words into the game and printed out a copy of the pack.

I didn’t laminate the set because we were playing the game at home but, if I was using it in the classroom, I would laminate the game board and spinner to give them extra durability.

I grabbed a couple of playing pieces (LEGOS, coins, and even pom poms work well) and snagged a pencil and paper clip for us to use with the spinner.

Playing Fall Sight Word Dash

We have a standing family rule that the youngest player always goes first so Big Brother placed the tip of the pencil in the middle of the scarecrow spinner and flicked the paper clip so that it spun around it.

Two! He moved two spaces on his board and read the word out loud: for.

Fall Sight Word Dash

He spelled it out loud, “F-O-R” and then we both wrote the word on our record sheet.

It was my turn next so I flicked the scarecrow spinner again and landed on three. I moved three spots and read, spelled and wrote the word “who”.

We continued taking turns as we raced toward the finish line.

Fall Sight Word Dash

When I landed on a leaf, I lost my turn so that I could rake up a leaf pile. (Boo!)

Big Brother was thrilled when he won the game – thankfully, I’m a good loser – and happily cleared the board so we could play again.

We continued until all of the spots on our record sheets were filled.

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