End of the Year Bingo

The end of the year is always an exciting time for kids. Help students reminisce about the past school year and look forward to summer break with this fun End of the Year Bingo game.

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Getting Ready

To play End of the Year Bingo, just print one copy of the freebie for each child in class. You can keep it simple and print on white paper or add some easy pizazz and print on color – either option works.

If you’re wanting to use them year after year, consider laminating them for extra durability.

End of the Year Bingo

Have kids grab something to write with and then pass out an End of the Year Bingo sheet to each student.

Make sure everyone knows the rules: children will find a classmate matching each description and write his/her name in the box. Kids can go ahead and fill in blanks they already know or they can wander around asking friends if they fit one of the characteristics.

The first person to fill 5 in a row wins. Easy peasy.

Ready to Play?

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  1. DG Klingensmith

    What a great idea! Thank you so much. It sure came in handy for the last week of school.



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