Dinosaur fans will fall instantly smitten with our newest free printable number puzzles! As they slide together one roaring dinosaur at a time, they’ll be practicing counting from 1 to 120, reading numbers, adding on and more.

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Getting Ready

After printing out the pages (below), I cut along the black lines to separate each puzzle.

I wanted to be able to easily sort the matching pieces later, so I laid them upside down on our table and used a different colored crayon to draw a line down the middle of each one. One puzzle had a blue line running down the center of its back, another puzzle had a red one and so on.

Then, I followed the grey lines to cut apart each puzzle and slid them into separate Ziploc bags.

Dinosaur Number Puzzles

When the prep work was complete, I invited Middle Brother (age 4) to join me. I handed him the 1 to 10 puzzle and challenged him to lay the pieces in 1-2-3 order. He was thrilled when he realized that he was piecing together a sunny yellow triceratops!

Awesome dinosaur number puzzles!! Such a fun way to practice counting, number recognition... so many things!

With some help, he worked through the 10 to 20 puzzle, too. The teen numbers are always tricky for kids but he had a few ah-ha moments when I covered up the tens place and pointed out that the ones were counting up just like the previous puzzle. 11, 12, 13…

Although Middle Brother could count past 20 verbally, I knew that he wasn’t quite ready to tackle the written numbers. So, I saved the rest of the puzzles for Big Brother (age 5). He was equally excited to get right to work building Jurassic animals.

Awesome dinosaur number puzzles. What a fun way for kids to practice the numbers 1 to 100!!

He definitely didn’t mind working on number recognition, counting, number sequencing – even place value!

Awesome dinosaur number puzzles!! These are perfect for a dinosaur unit!

Grab Your Number Puzzles

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  1. Hi!
    I’m after your math fact puzzles with pictures. Do you have a tpt link to them or a link here? They look like great resources.

    1. Hi Caryn,
      Thanks for reaching out.
      We have a few different products that have Math Fact Puzzles with pictures, but you may be thinking about our Editable Math Games, which you can find HERE.
      If you had something else in mind, please email me at hello@www.playdoughtoplato.com and I’ll help you find it.
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

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