Kids will learn common digraphs in no time with these cute playdough mats. They are easy to prepare and make an awesome word work station or literacy center. This playdough digraph activity is the perfect complement to our popular Digraph Activity Pack! 

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Getting Ready

To prep the playdough mats (below), I began by printing them on cardstock to give them extra durability. For my class, I made six copies of each mat so that I could use them for small group work.  The kids loved how colorful and inviting these mats were!

Then I ran them through my laminator. (Alternatively, you could put them inside a plastic sleeve.)


Playdough Digraph Activity

My students and I worked on one digraph each day. To begin, I spread out six -CH playdough mats. We said -CH out loud and then talked about the pictures on the mat that contain -CH.

I explained that -CH is often found at the beginning and end of words. Then, the kids made the -CH letters and traced -CH using an erasable marker. For fun, we also made playdough cheese!

Free digraph playdough mats!

My students loved chatting about all the -CH words. I was impressed when they thought of other words like “chocolate”, “chicken” and “lunch.”  They also enjoyed manipulating the playdough to make the digraph letters.

As an added bonus, these digraph activity mats also had students practice their handwriting, writing down all of the different digraphs on the mat.

One day after the next, we brainstormed digraph words, built them with playdough and traced them with a dry erase marker. The digraph activity mats were an addictively fun literacy center!


Grab Your Download

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  1. I do not know why it has taken me so long to realize that the playdough mats can be used as JamBoard mats!

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