Digraph Chant Posters

Need some helpful ways to teach those tricky digraphs? These digraph chant posters will do the trick!

So much fun is packed into these posters! All five silly chants will help your students memorize those tricky digraphs FAST.

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Getting Ready

Simply print out the colorful posters on cardstock and laminate them for extra durability.

Place them in a prominent area of the classroom so students can easily see and reference the signs.

Digraph Posters

When you’re finished hanging the posters, review the digraphs with your students by singing each chant together.

Soon enough, they will all be digraph experts!

Included in this set are the following chants:

There’s sharks in the shower S-H /sh/…

And whistling whale W-H /wh/…

Thumb on my throat T-H /th/…

Photo on my phone P-H /ph/…

And Chugga chugga choo choo C-H /ch/

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