Craft Stick Patterns

Looking for a hands-on way to teach kids patterns? These free craft stick pattern activity cards are an easy prep math station or busy bag.

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Getting Ready

The prep for this pattern activity was really quick and simple. I printed the cards and cut them apart.

Then, I grabbed a pack of rainbow popsicle sticks I’d picked up at the Dollar Store and invited the boys over to join me.

Popsicle Stick Pattern Activity

I included a variety of different patterns so there would be options for kiddos who were beginners and those who were more experienced.

Middle Brother (age 3) started with an AB pattern: yellow, green, yellow, green. He said the colors on the card out loud and then started laying down the next sticks in the pattern.

FREE Popsicle Stick Pattern Cards

When he finished, he worked on another AB pattern, some AABB and ABB patterns, and then tried the mammoth rainbow card: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

It’s a whopper, but he was able to tackle it. And he was oh-so-proud when he finished!!

FREE popsicle stick pattern cards. Such a simple, fun way to practice patterns.

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  1. Laura @Lalymom

    LOVE this activity! Great idea, we totally have those sticks! Thank you so much!

  2. Ilinca

    Thanks for this great idea! My kids loved the activity. 🙂

  3. Jona GIMENO

    thank you so much to the staff behind this wonderful and helpful site. you guys don’t know how much help you gave me especially as a SPED Teacher. more blessings and please continure sharing your ideas.

  4. Jen

    These are great for patterns. Is there anyway to increase the size so they match the size of actual popsicle sticks? I have some very particular kids who notice the size difference.

    • Ashley

      Hi Jen,
      Thanks for reaching out. The only way you could increase the size of the patterns on the cards would be to print them on a larger scale. So you could try printing them as they are, and then individually “copying” them, but printing at 150% or whatever you think is best. You’d probably have to experiment a little to get the right size.
      Hope that helps!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador



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