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  1. cathernie wedge

    I think I purchased , I believe the pet addition or received it as a freebie. The download has different animals to add. I lost the download. Can you resend it? Thank you for your support.

  2. Megan

    I just received the CVC word activity and I uploaded it to print in color from Staples. They said they can’t print it because the first page of the document says no copying. So, they said I need permission. I think they don’t understand how teachers pay teachers or activities like this work. I am not selling it or copying it. They need an emailed letter from the creator stating that I can print it at Staples.

  3. Cristin Devlin Kaufman

    Hi. I am hoping you can help. I can no longer sign in using my usual user name and password. I tried resetting my password, but nothing is working!

  4. Karen

    I’ve signed up for the waitlist for Reading Roadmap, but need to be able to submit
    the cost to my administrator for preapproval. I can’t seem to find the cost of the PD anywhere. Please advise. Thank you!

  5. Judy Gansen

    I am trying to download the Place Value, I Have, Who Has game and the link is not working. Is it possible to send me a new link?
    Thank you.

  6. Rehan Azeemi

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    Rehan Azeemi

  7. lori

    I can’t tell you how much time I have spent trying to make your games actually editable. I am so very frustrated that I have spent so much time, money and energy and your games are NOT editable. I then spent more money on adobe and it still does not work. I need your password!

  8. Angela Doyle

    I’m a K teacher and a couple years back I had purchased the STEM Challenge: Build Toothpick Structures task cards. I’m on a new computer and can’t seem to find it in my downloads. Do you save our purchases on your site? I wanted to make several sets for my class so the kids don’t have to share.

    Thank you,
    Angela Doyle

  9. Casey Roberts

    Hi, last May I purchased the editable sight word pack. However I saved it with words that I want to change. I can’t load it into Adobe to fix it. So my plan was to redownload the file. However when I tried, I keep getting an error about too many downloads. But my receipt says the download never expires. Can you help me please? I’m trying to make these customized for my students that are struggling with sight words to use this week.

    I’d appreciate any help!
    Casey Roberts

  10. Anita

    I was looking for your :”How to teach ED” i couldn’t find it?


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