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  1. rose


    I would like to purchase your reading activity pack. I can’t find an option for UK residents when completing the purchase form. Can you help?

    Warm wishes,


  2. Melinda Mosley

    Elgin Local Is adding your company as a new vendor and we need a copy of your W9 asap.
    Thank you

  3. Ashley

    Hello! I am trying to sign up for the Reading Roadmap PD with funding from my school. The page that it brings me to only gives me options for a credit card or paypal as payment. Am I able to use a PO from my school to sign up and if so where do I enter that info?

  4. Christine

    I have just been introduced to playdough to Plato and I’m having trouble downloading the lesson plan book. Any ideas ? Has this happened to others?

  5. Juli Jones

    I have an invoice I need to pay. Please let me know where I can pay it at. Thank you so much!!

  6. Annelise

    I would like the link to the 1-10 Pond counting mats, please. When I click on the download button it takes me to a dead end. Are the mats still available? Thank you!

  7. Petrea

    Hi! I’m in Australia and it says that the free downloads for the CVC Word Sort and the Short Vowel and Long Vowel Sort are unavailable or moved to another page. I looked to purchase them on your shop and couldn’t find them. Can you help?

  8. Tara

    Hi Please advise if your Fluency Trees can be used in Australia?

  9. Janet

    I signed up for the Science of Reading 5-day challenge. I did not receive a conformation or link to join. Please let me know how to connect.
    Thank you!

    • Kaylee

      Hi Janet! 🤞 Fingers crossed you were able to hop in and watch all those! Can you send me a quick note over at if you still needed help! I am happy to help! 😍

  10. Deborah

    I believe I received a name resource from you last year and it was great! I was an edible file which had puzzle pieces of letters and the students are to use them to make their name. There was an instruction sheet that went with this resource, and I can’t seem to locate this instruction sheet. Can you send me the resource again? Thanks! 🙂


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