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  1. Evelyn L Box

    Hi; I have done your reading roadmap class and loved it! I have followed you for a while but I am now teaching three yr olds and about to finish our year up in four weeks. I am teaching the same age next year but extended time with stem activities. I was wondering if you had any ideas or guidance for three year old stem activities? I would appreciae any help. Thanks!

  2. Jill Leland

    Several years ago I started STEM bins and I bought some things from you. In one of the purchases or maybe on your website, there was a download where you could edit the names of the STEM bins. Then I slid them into protective covers and attached to the bins. Being someone who likes everything to look to same, I have been looking for it, but can’t find it. Do you know what I’m talking about and can you help me?

  3. Ruth A. Hostetler

    I am interested in join The Reading Roadmap but I am concerned that I will not have enough time to teach, assess and complete reports cards AND complete the sessions. Will you please share a syllabus that gives dates and times and a list of goals that I will need to complete?
    Thank you!

  4. Michelle

    I have been trying to download your free CVC Pumpkin Patch activity but nothing happens when I click on the download button. Can you please send me the file.

  5. Paula Barnes

    Please give me a contact number to discuss Reading Road Map membership

  6. Nel Harrison

    Editable Teacher Planner
    Is it still available?

  7. Bryan Hobbs

    I purchased “editable” word work activities that are not editable. It is just a giant pdf. I downloaded the fonts but don’t see the “gray boxes” to click on in order to edit the activities. I would like to edit them if possible.


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