Looking for a fun and simple way to help kids learn colors?! These no prep coloring sheets are for you. Just hit print and grab a box of crayons for an afternoon of rainbow fun.

They’re the perfect complement to our Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack!

Getting Ready

Prepping the activity was quick and simple! I printed the pages on copy paper and grabbed our box of crayons.

(If your crayon stash is empty, don’t worry! Markers or colored pencils would work well, too.)

Coloring Sheets

Since we were using the activity to review the colors, I started by asking my four year-old to help me brainstorm as many green objects as she could think of.

Leaves, grass, snakes, frogs… our list was long.

Then, I pulled out the green coloring sheet and we named the five objects before coloring them all green.

We are big coloring fans, so my daughter was eager to jump to work on the next sheets in the pile too!

Coloring Sheets Extension Ideas

For kids who are just beginning to learn colors, help them make real world connections by going on a color hunt. Walking around the room, see how many objects of a certain color you can find.

For students who are ready for a stretch, read this set of color emergent reader books! 

Snag Your Copy

Grab your free copy of the coloring sheets by clicking the blue download button below.

Then, snag our Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack for exciting learning all year round!

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