Kids love rainbows (and I do too!) so I couldn’t wait to create a set of colorful rainbow puzzles that would give new readers plenty of practice matching alphabet letters with their beginning sounds.

These beginning sound rainbows are perfect to use as a literacy center, guided reading activity… even a St. Patrick’s Day game!  When you’re finished be sure to grab our Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack for more learning fun!

Getting Ready

To prep, I printed the download (below) on cardstock to give it extra durability and cut along the lines to separate the pieces.

Fun rainbow ABC game for kids! Match the letter with the sound it makes. Great for beginning sound practice!

Note: If you are playing the game in a classroom, you may also want to laminate the cards to add sturdiness.

Beginning Sound Rainbows

Middle Brother (age 4.5) is still learning letter sounds. Since I wanted to keep the activity motivating and developmentally appropriate, I grabbed four rainbow pairs to start with first: a, b, c and d.

I explained that we were going to match each letter with the beginning sound it makes. I held up the apple half and said the word slowly, accentuating the first sound, ” AAAA-pple.”

Then I asked Middle Brother what letter made the first sound in that word. He quickly grabbed the Aa and pushed together the pieces to make his rainbow.

Awesome beginning sound rainbows! Match each letter with the sound it makes. Fun ABC game for preschool or kindergarten.

We repeated the same steps for the remaining letters in our bunch: B is for bee, C is for car and D is for donut!

What a fun beginning sound activity for kids! Match the alphabet letter with a word that starts with that sound.

Then, we mixed up the cards and he practiced pairing the halves on his own.

It took us a few days to work our way through the entire alphabet, but he loved every round of play. The bright and colorful rainbow puzzles were a big hit!

Grab Your Download

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