Brag tags are a simple tool for recognizing superstar student behavior, motivating reluctant learners and improving classroom management.  Kids will love the kudos and you’ll love the easy prep!

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Getting Ready

I wanted to give the brag tags a vibrant pop of color and really make them stand out so I printed them on several different Astrobrights® Papers: Planetary Purple™, Celestial Blue®, Solar Yellow™, Cosmic Orange™, Vulcan Green™ and Pulsar Pink™ (Amazon affiliate links).

Using Astrobrights is my secret sauce of saving MAJOR printer ink on this project (and so many others!) because the blackline brag tags already have that wow factor kids love.

Plus, rainbow colors always make the classroom a happier place!

You can find the colors individually or you can purchase assortment packs – the sky’s the limit with inspiring color combinations!

Note: If you’ll be using the tags in a classroom, you may want to laminate them for durability.

Once the brag tags were printed, I used my paper cutter to slice along the grey lines and separate them into individual pieces.

Then, I picked up small stacks at a time and punched a hole in the upper left corner so that the tags would be easy for students to hang later.

I grabbed my stash of book rings and we were ready to go!

Using the Brag Tags

I helped my daughter clip a book ring to the outside of her backpack so that she had a simple system for storing the brag tags as she accumulated them.

(In a classroom, clipping the tags to backpacks would help families stay connected to their children’s positive choices, too. A major plus!)

As I caught my daughter making good decisions throughout the day, I happily handed her a brag tag and invited her to add it to the ring.

She was so excited to be recognized as a rockstar reader, critical thinker, hard worker, team player and awesome author.

It took a little practice for her hands to get used to opening and closing the book ring but, after collecting just a couple of brag tags, she was a pro.

The friendly tags were such a fun way to encourage her positive behavior!

Grab Your Set

Ready to add some spirited brag tags to your classroom?! Click the blue download button below and then hop over and grab your favorite Astrobrights to give them an inspiring pop of color!

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  1. I love this! I’m a huge fan of conscious discipline. We have little tags that we write students’ names on when we catch them doing something good. Once a week we draw a name from our treasure chest. This is another way to reward them for doing the right thing or doing something special.

    1. So glad you’re enjoying these!
      Thanks so much for your kind words!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  2. I’m having trouble getting the free brag tags to download. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  3. I’m having trouble getting the free brag tags. Please help! I really want to use them in my classroom and think it would be a positive reward.

  4. I am having trouble getting the Download button to work….any advice???

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