This easy cup hunt game is a simple and entertaining way to teach children how to recognize alphabet letters. (It can easily be changed to work on sight words, numbers and math facts too.)

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ABC Cup Hunt

Getting Ready

Setting up the game is really very easy. First, gather a few supplies:

  • 5 cups,
  • 5 mailing labels,
  • A marker,
  • Something to hide (small balls, marbles, pom poms, etc.)
Choose 5 letters and write each one on a cup. (I like to introduce a few letters at a time so that I don’t overwhelm kids.)
ABC Cup Hunt {Playdough to Plato}
Then invite your kids over to join you. See?! I promised it was easy.

ABC Cup Hunt

Show the kids what you’re going to hide underneath one of the cups. In my example, I used a bright green pom pom but you could really use anything.
Ask a volunteer to close her eyes as you hide the treasure underneath one of the cups.
When you’re ready, have her open her eyes, read a letter written on one of the cups, and look underneath it to see if it’s covering the object.
Continue playing until she finds the hidden object. This ABC game is so easy to set up and seriously fun to play!

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