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Summer Spin and Graph

What will reach the top first?!  This summer math game will have your kids counting, graphing and comparing.  It’s perfect to play outside on a warm summer day or to add some summer inside your classroom at a math station. Scroll down and grab your graphing freebie! Looking for more math fun? Check out our…

Summer Goals Writing Activity

Looking for a fun way to encourage your students to STICK to learning this summer?! With this fun and easy summer writing activity, students brainstorm personal goals to help them to stay engaged and maintain their growth. Scroll down to grab your freebie!  Looking for more ways to get your kiddos into writing?  Check out…

Summer Journal

Looking for a simple way to keep kids writing this summer?! Whether you’re a parent hoping to battle summer slide or you’re a teacher who wants to keep kids learning over the break, our free summer journals are the perfect solution. Grab your copy below!  Then, for more writing fun, snag our Writing Center Starter…

Summer Long E Cards

With summer just around the corner, my students are counting down the days until break.  This long e sunglasses activity were the perfect way to keep my kids excited about practicing the long e sound even with summer break rapidly approaching. Scroll down to grab the freebie, then hop over and check out our Vowel Team…

Summer Fun Box

Battle boredom by sending an awesome summer fun box to some lucky kids in your life. Scotch® Brand and I are teaming up to give you all the details you need for a #MakeAmazing summer they’ll never forget. With just a quick trip to the store and a couple minutes of prep, you’ll be making far away loved ones’ summers…

My Summer Report

Bidding farewell to summer doesn’t have to be sad!  With these fun and differentiated summer reports, students will be able to relive their best summer memories and share them with their classmates. Scroll down to grab your own copy of the writing activity and then hop over and snag our Writing Center Starter Kit to…

American Themed Writing Activity

Fourth of July Writing Activity by The Simplified Classroom for Playdough to Plato Engaging kids in meaningful writing activities that expand their vocabulary can be a bit of a challenge during the summer months, but this Fourth of July Writing Activity does just that! And speaking of writing, check out our Writing Center Starter Kit…

Magic Fizzing Popsicle Paint

These magic fizzing popsicle paints are an awesome kids’ science project for all ages. One hot day a few weeks ago, I pulled out a batch of the magical popsicles from our freezer and invited my 4 year-old daughter to start painting.  She was thrilled when her masterpiece began fizzing! Ready to make your own…

End of the Year Craftivity

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the un-BEE-lievable school year we have had!  This end of the school year craftivity is a perfect way to reflect on a great school year while practicing some brainstorming and writing skills. Plus it makes an adorable bulletin board for the hallway! Scroll…

Ice Cream Writing Craftivity

This sweet ice cream writing craftivity is a perfect way to work on writing skills this summer! Scroll down to grab your freebie then hop over and grab our Writing Center Starter Kit for more writing fun! Getting Ready I printed the writing craftivity prep sheets out on both plain paper and colorful printer paper…

American Flag Counting Game

This motivating counting game is a playful way to practice numbers from 1 to 50, adding on, skip counting and early addition. Plus, as a big bonus, kids can color it to make a patriotic American flag!  When they’re done, grab our Number Formation Pack for more counting fun! Summer is approaching quickly, and with it…

STEM K’nex Car Racing

If your kids are into cars, this STEM project is a must-try. Engineers in training will love designing, building and racing their own K’nex race cars! It’s the perfect STEM project for your child’s inner engineer.  Then, when you’re done building, head on over to our shop and check out our Epic STEM Challenges for…

Strawberry Playdough Recipe

Summer is arriving and so are strawberries picked straight from the garden.  This sweet-smelling strawberry playdough recipe will have you craving those delicious little berries.   So make sure you have a few on hand, because your kiddos will be asking for them once this homemade playdough gets into their little hands.  I know mine were! When you’re done…

Motivating Classroom Tours

Whether you’re a fan of bright, bold colors or you prefer minimalist neutrals, we’ve got you covered. These 20 classroom tours include something for everyone. Find a favorite and then click through to check out all of the inspiring details. And speaking of starting the school year off right, snag our Writing Center Starter Kit so you…

Ice Cream in a Bag

What’s better than ice cream on a hot summer’s day?!  Ice cream with a little kids’ science sprinkled on top, that’s what!  This deliciously fun ice cream in a bag is so simple. It’s one of our favorite treats to make while camping. With a few common ingredients and a little muscle, you too can enjoy…

Solar Oven Pizza

Hot summer days are ideal for this fun kids’ science activity: making a solar oven pizza! Teaching your child how to build a solar oven requires a ton of glueing, but the result is worth every minute of prep. Little scientists and pizza fans will beg, “More please!” as they learn about solar power in this awesome…

Seashell Vowel Team Sort

This seashell vowel team sort is a motivating way for students to practice their long vowel sounds this summer! Scroll below to grab the freebie and then jump over and snag our Vowel Team Centers in our shop! Getting Ready The prep for this vowel team sort was very simple. I printed the vowel team pails…

Apple Pie Playdough Recipe

This apple pie playdough recipe will have you craving a slice of warm ooey-gooey apple goodness. With my oldest going off to kindergarten, I was not looking forward to the end of summer, but this sweet and spicy smelling apple pie playdough recipe had me looking forward to my favorite season before it was even done cooking….

Ice Cream Playdough Recipe

This simple, two-ingredient ice cream playdough recipe looks and smells good enough to eat. Well, guess what?  You can! My kiddos have never been more excited to get their hands on the dough as they were this homemade playdough recipe and I can see why.  For more playdough fun, check out our awesome playdough mats…

Pirate Themed Playdough Kit

Playdough kits: I’m addicted to making them and the kids are addicted to playing with them.  For an upcoming family trip to the beach, I decided to surprise the kiddos with an ocean-themed playdough and a bounty of pirate-themed items to play with during the visit. Cranky kids, tired from a long day at the…

Sunscreen Science for Kids

If there is one thing my kiddos (and I) don’t like about summer, it’s having to slather on sunscreen. But after this low-prep, super simple kids’ science experiment showed us just how important sunscreen actually is, none of us are complaining about the inconvenience. It was a good lesson learned in more than one way!  For more…

Leaf Chromatography Activity

Have you ever wondered how green leaves can turn brilliant orange, yellow and red?! With this simple chromatography activity, you can see just what gives leaves their amazing fall colors. It’s a perfect kids’ science experiment for fall. Follow the simple step-by-step below and then grab our 30 Science Experiments kids will beg to repeat (plus a…

Why Leaves Change Color

At the end of every summer, I find myself in awe of nature once again. Why leaves change color is fascinating on many levels, not the least of which are the glorious colors that radiate from deciduous trees every year. Coloring changing is gorgeous on its own, but at the same time, some cool biochemistry…

15 Clever Counting Cards

Counting cards are an easy prep, fun way to help kids practice number sequence, one-to-one correspondence, number recognition and (of course) counting! These 15 counting cards are our favorite freebies from across the web. They’re creative, engaging and hands-on. A perfect combo for some serious counting fun.  For more math fun, check out our Number Formation…

End of the Year Bingo

The end of the year is always an exciting time for kids. Help students reminisce about the past school year and look forward to summer break with this fun End of the Year Bingo game. Print the freebie (below) and then hop over to become a VIP Plato Pack member so you can get all of the…

Beach Bucket Writing

Whether you’re planning a trip to the beach or you’re just dreaming about warm summer weather, this motivating writing project is a must-try activity for kindergarten or first grade. Grab your copy below and then hop over to snag our Writing Center Starter Kit to bring out the author in your child or student! I have…

Watermelon Counting Cards

Use these watermelon counting cards to help your preschooler or soon-to-be kindergartener practice number sequencing, number recognition, counting and one-to-one correspondence in a fun way. Kids will love the entertaining, summer-themed counting cards and you’ll love the easy prep. They’re a win-win for everyone!  And when you’re done counting seeds, hop on over to our shop and…

Camping Writing Prompts

No summer is complete without a camping trip or two!  This fun set of camping writing prompts is a great way for kids to do a little creative writing and engage their imagination. Scroll down to grab your freebie!  Looking for more writing fun?!  Grab our Writing Center Starter Kit to help bring out the authors in…

Beach Bucket Digraph Sort

It is buckets of fun to review and practice digraph sounds!  This colorful, hands-on digraph sort is a great way to add some fun to your reading practice this summer. Scroll below to grab your freebie and then hop over and snag our Inflectional Ending Centers in our shop! Getting Ready This digraph sort was…

Beach Writing Prompt

Longing for a sunny day at the beach? I bet your students are, too!  Add some summer fun to your writing stations with this fun beach writing prompt. It’s perfect for kindergarten and first-grade kids. With helpful vocabulary cards to help brainstorm ideas PLUS writing templates that make it easy to differentiate, this activity will…

Rhyming CVC Words

Beat the summer heat with this fun CVC rhyming activity! Kids will love that it’s playful and YOU’LL love that it’s easy to differentiate for a variety of reading levels… These darling CVC flip flops have picture clues AND simple short vowel wods so even early readers can find success. Grab your copy below and…

Will It Melt? Candy Science

Kids’ science activities are always fun for kids. Make the science about candy, and the experiment becomes mind-blowingly cool. This sugary twist on the classic Will It Melt? kids’ science experiment is  sure to make your little scientists smile.  For more amazing kids’ science, check out our 30 Science Experiments in our shop! Getting Ready…

Graham Cracker Plate Tectonics

This quick and tasty kids’ science activity gives little scientists a hands-on way to explore plate tectonics – the movement of the Earth’s crust that leads to the formation of volcanoes, mountains, and oceanic trenches. Kids can’t get enough science!? Great! Check out our 30 Science Experiments in our shop and keep the learning going!…

Sunflower Craft for Kids

As summer turns to fall, it’s nice to see bright yellow sunflowers growing big and tall. This colorful sunflower craft for kids is perfect for preschool, kindergarten and first grade alike. And speaking of elementary learners, become a VIP Plato Pack member so you can get all of the tools, strategies and support you need to reach ALL…

Sweet Sight Word Game

Are you looking for a summery sight word game your kids will LOVE?!  This playful, fruit-themed version is the perfect way to keep a small group engaged and learning as the weather heats up. Grab your copy below and then hop over and snag our best selling 32 EDITABLE Sight Word Games for even more fun! Getting…

Exercise Counting Game

Counting from 1 to 10 is an important skill for young learners.  Make it fun for kids to practice with this playful exercise counting game. Spin-an-Exercise is the perfect activity to do with your child at home or as a whole group brain break at school. Snag your set below and then hop over and…

Volcano Eggs

Looking for a magical, gorgeous and highly-addictive way to color Easter eggs?! These DIY volcano eggs are an awesome craft and science activity in one. With just baking soda and vinegar, you can make erupting eggs that are brilliantly colorful and tons of fun. For more science fun, check out our 30 Science Experiments in…

First Grade Centers

If you’re looking for first grade centers your students will beg to repeat, you’ve come to the right spot! Playdough to Plato is all-in on helping you save time, stay inspired and get bigger teaching results so we pulled together some of our favorite first grade centers in one spot right here. Just click one…

Kindergarten Centers

If you’re looking for kindergarten centers your students will beg to repeat, you’ve come to the right spot! Playdough to Plato is all-in on helping you save time, stay inspired and get bigger teaching results so we pulled together some of our favorite kindergarten centers in one spot right here. Just click one of the…

Pre-Kindergarten Centers

If you’re looking for pre-kindergarten centers your students will beg to repeat, you’ve come to the right spot! Playdough to Plato is all-in on helping you save time, stay inspired and get bigger teaching results so we pulled together some of our favorite pre-kindergarten centers in one spot right here. Your students will love switching…

24 Soothing Calm Down Jars

24 Soothing Calm Down Jars

Calm down jars offer a quick way to refocus kids and help them manage difficult emotions. It’s hard to keep feeling angry or upset when there is such a mesmerizing bottle in your hands! These jars include more than just glitter, and offer nearly endless ways to play. Whether you’re looking for a basic tranquil jar…

May Centers

May Centers

These 18 math and literacy centers will save you planning time and keep you inspired all month long! The mega pack includes motivating ways to practice sight words, phonics, writing, shapes, telling time… even graphing!

It’s perfect for kindergarten and first grade. Just hit print!




–> 2 versions of Pineapple Match Up: CVC words and vowel team words

–> 2 versions of Surf Sort: CVC words and CVCe words

–> EDITABLE Sight Word Board Game

–> EDITABLE Sight Word I Have, Who Has

–> EDITABLE Sight Word Pocket Chart Game

–> EDITABLE Write the Room

–> EDITABLE Color by Sight Word Sheets

–> 3 Story Starters + Word Cards


The set also includes math activities teaching critical skills including place value, telling time, 2D and 3D Shapes, graphing, tallying and number bonds.

–> 2 versions of the Spin & Graph Game: 2D and 3D shapes

–> 4 versions of Summer Time Game: time to the nearest hour, half hour, quarter hour and 5-minute interval

–> 3 versions of Odd and Even Sort: 1-20, 1-50 and 1-120

–> 2 versions of Addition Puzzles: adding to 12 and adding to 20

–> 2 version of Subtraction Write and Wipe Cards: Subtracting from 10 and 20




18 EDITABLE Holiday Sight Word Board Games

18 EDITABLE Holiday Sight Word Board Games

These 18 editable holiday sight word board games are a huge time and money saver! Type your unique word list once and the words pop into the right spot on every single game.

Use it with any word list under the sun: sight words, word families, themed holiday words, classmates’ names… the sky’s the limit! Kids love that they’re fun – grown ups love that they’re ready to play!

Whether you’re in need of ready to go word work activities, literacy centers or fun spelling practice , this pack has you covered.

The games make practice reading, spelling and writing words so motivating.


The sight word game boards couldn’t get any simpler to prep. Just print the activity you want kids to work on, grab one or two school supplies like playing pieces and dice, and you’re all set. Easy peasy!


The sight word board games are incredibly easy to differentiate so you can give kids at different reading levels “just right” practice. Type in your word list for your first level of readers, and print the activity you want your kids to play.

Hop back to the word list and swap out the words for your next level of readers. The new words will automatically load into the correct spot on all of the activities.



The 18 editable sight word board games  are guaranteed fun for kids!

The pack includes ready to play board games and coordinating follow up record sheets for tons of holidays:

–> New Year’s Dash

–> President’s Day Run

–> Groundhog Scoot

–> Valentine’s Day Zip

–> Leprechaun Scramble

–> Easter Hustle

–> Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

–> July 4th Hustle

–> Columbus Day Race

–> Halloween Dart

–> Veterans Day Bustle

–> Thanksgiving Charge

–> Hanukkah Sprint

–> Santa Scurry


–> Spring Scramble

–> Summer Splash

–> Fall Shuffle

–> Winter Surge

STEM Challenge: 4 Seasons of Building Cards

STEM Challenge: 4 Seasons of Building Cards

These STEM challenge cards are the perfect addition to your favorite building block center (LEGOS, wooden blocks, DUPLOS… you name it!)

Kids will love using real world pictures as inspiration to build 11 common objects each season!



SPRING-> kite, tree, butterfly, flower, rain boots, watering can, umbrella, bunny, garden trowel, bird, duckling

SUMMER-> popsicle, beach ball, sea star, crab, sailboat, sunglasses, strawberry, shell, soccer ball, fish, sand castle

FALL-> maple leaf, scarecrow, spider, bat, apple pie, candy corn, pumpkin, apple, squirrel, black cat, tractor

WINTER-> mittens, snowflake, pine cone, sled, evergreen tree, gift box, cocoa mug, rose, gingerbread man, penguin, polar bear


The STEM challenge cards are a great way to help kids develop abstract thinking, design, engineering and building skills!

Grab your set (below) and then hop over and snag our Famous Landmark Cards too!

STEM Challenge: Pattern Blocks

STEM Challenge: Pattern Blocks

Looking for an engaging batch of STEM challenges to add to your centers or STEM boxes?! These pattern block STEM challenges are an easy way to work on problem solving, geometry, math vocabulary… even beginning fractions!

Just print the cards on cardstock, cut them apart, and grab a batch of pattern blocks. Kids will love building all 55 designs!

Plus, as a bonus, the set also includes record sheets and challenge worksheets for kids who are ready for a next step.



–> 15 any time design task cards

–> 10 fall task cards

–> 10 winter task cards

–> 10 spring task cards

–> 10 summer task cards

–> 3 bonus challenges

Epic Science Bundle

Epic Science Bundle

Inspire kids to LOVE science with this mega bundle of science units! It’s jam packed with easy prep, engaging experiments teaching kids about weather, outer space, force and motion, the 5 senses, plant life cycle, and so much more.

The science bundle is perfect to use for whole class lessons, small group work or science stations in Pre-K, Kindergarten, First or Second Grade.



–> Outer Space

–> Weather

–> Force and Motion

–> 5 Senses

–> Plants

–> Light, Sound and Heat

–> Animals

–> Landforms

–> Human Body Systems

–> States of Matter

–> Bat Animal Study

–> Super Cool Science Kit

STEM Challenge: Build with Cookies

STEM Challenge: Build with Cookies

Grab a bag of cookies (yes, cookies!) and jump into five kid-friendly STEM projects.



–> Build cookie skyscrapers

–> Make Matchbox Car garages

–> Design cookie parachutes

–> Create weight bearing bridges

–> And sneak in some math with cookie jar estimating


The pack includes easy to follow teacher directions, STEM center cards and activity record sheets.

Develop abstract thinking, design, engineering and building skills. Plus use the fun estimation activity to work on important math skills too!

The cookie STEM challenges are a perfect compliment to our toothpick STEM structures and famous landmark STEM cards!

NOTE: All of our products are instant downloads.

Christmas Activities

Christmas Activities

These 23 Christmas activities will make even the Grinch smile! The festive math and literacy centers include alphabet games, counting activities, pattern and shape practice… so much learning in one download.

The set is perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten!




–> Rhyming Clip Cards. Clip the word that rhymes!

–> Alphabet Christmas Lights. Such a motivating way to work on letter recognition and upper and lowercase pairing.

–> Letter Sound Puzzles. Solve playful puzzles by matching letters to words that start with them.

–> Alphabet Clip Strips. An awesome way to practice upper and lowercase pairs.

–> ABC Trees. Roll the alphabet die and color the matching ornament. So fun for letter recognition!

–> Christmas Themed Handwriting Activity Sheets (in Print and D’Nealian). Strengthen letter formation and fine motor skills.

–> EDITABLE Sight Word Maze. Race to Santa’s workshop and read sight words along the way.

–> Christmas Bingo (Class Set). Play a fun round of Bingo as you practice reading Christmas themed words.

–> North Pole Little Reader Book. Practice pointing underneath each word, using picture clues and more.

–> 5 Story Starters. Get kids writing with fun story prompts.


–> Christmas Counting Clip Cards. A fun counting, number recognition and fine motor activity in one.

–> Counting Mats. Reinforce counting from 1 to 10 and ten frames.

–> 1-20 Ten Frame Dab. Read the number and then fill your ten frame with that many dots.

–> Color by Ten Frame. Work on instantly recognizing the numbers 1 to 20.

–> Spin to 20 Game. Race to reach 20 as you practice adding on.

–> This or That. Compare two numbers and color the one that’s largest.

–> Roll to 30 Sheet. Practice number recognition and adding on as you race to 30.

–> Making 10 Challenge Cards and Review Sheet. How many more do you need to make 10?

–> Cut and Paste. Solve AB, ABB and ABC patterns.

–> Candy Cane Patterns. How many different patterns can you create?

–> Reindeer Spin and Graph Shapes. Flick the spinner, name the shape and graph it. What shape reaches the top first?

–> Christmas Tree Roll and Cover Pattern Block Mat. Race to cover the pattern block mat and practice number recognition and adding along the way.


NOTE: All of our products are instant downloads.

18 Fine Motor Centers

18 Fine Motor Centers

Need some motivating, easy prep fine motor centers for your Pre-K or Kindergarten? I’ve got you covered!

These hands-on activities strengthen hand-eye coordination, hand muscles and fine motor skills kids need for writing later.  The 18 motivating activities are great to use as literacy centers, morning work or home school lessons.

Check out all the fun details below!



–> Monster Googly Eye Gluing

–> Q-tip Ten Frame Painting

–> Cupcake Counting Cards

–> Gumball Jar Game

–> The Flip and Draw Game

–> Paperclip Chaining

–> The Great Hole Punch Race

–> Lacing Cards

–> Scissor Cutting Practice Pages

–> Rainbow Tracing Sheets

–> Frog Hop Stamping

–> Salt Tracing

–> Clip Cards

–> Rolling Goldfish Game

–> Puzzles

–> LEGO Pattern Cards


Bundle with our Pre-K Math Centers and Alphabet Packs and save!