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Classroom Library Labels & Stickers

Classroom Library Labels & Stickers

Take your classroom library to the next level with this bright and colorful batch of labels and coordinating book stickers. They make it so easy for students to return books to their just right spot without any help from you!

The set includes 146 different options so you can easily organize your books by months, holidays, themes or reading level.

There’s even a blank set of labels and stickers so you can make new ones for anything under the sun!

NOTE: The cards are 4.25 inches wide x 5.5 inches tall. To make them smaller, just print them at a smaller percentage. For instance, you could print them at 75% to make them 3.18 inches x 4.125 inches. The formatting will stay the same but the scale will shrink.

Camping Writing Prompts

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Student Book Recommendations

Student book recommendations are a great way to get kids talking about the stories they read. Whether you’re working on an author study, need a book-themed bulletin board idea, or just want kids to reflect on books, this sheet is sure to do the trick! Grab your copy below and then check out our Reading…

First Grade Centers

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Kindergarten Centers

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Pre-Kindergarten Centers

If you’re looking for pre-kindergarten centers your students will beg to repeat, you’ve come to the right spot! Playdough to Plato is all-in on helping you save time, stay inspired and get bigger teaching results so we pulled together some of our favorite pre-kindergarten centers in one spot right here. Your students will love switching…

15 Flexible Seating Ideas

15 Flexible Seating Ideas

Flexible seating has become all the rage in elementary school classrooms. Rather than confining kids to traditional tables and chairs, teachers are giving students lots of different seating options so that children can take control of their learning and find a classroom work space that feels best to them. Get inspired by this flexible seating roundup of our…

Snow STEM Challenges

Snow STEM Challenges

Add a major dose of magic to your lesson plans this winter with a batch of engaging snow STEM challenges! Students will love learning how snowflakes are made and then diving into engineering, problem solving and (of course!) STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

The STEM challenges are perfect for winter parties, snow units, early finisher activities, STEM boxes or just because.



–> Snow fact sheet

–> “All About Snow” record sheet

–> 10 toothpick and marshmallow task cards + record sheet

–> Build your own toothpick and marshmallow snowflake + record sheet

–> 10 EASY geoboard task cards + record sheet

–> 10 HARD geoboard task cards + record sheet

–> 12 task cards comparing the weight of marshmallow “snowballs” to common class supplies like paperclips

–> 2 EASY roll and cover pattern block mats

–> 2 HARD roll, add and cover pattern block mats

–> I Have, Who Has 2D Shape Game

Editable Schedule Cards

Editable Schedule Cards

These editable schedule cards help kids keep track of what’s already happened during the school day and anticipate what’s coming next.

Since the 60 editable schedule cards are customizable, you can easily change the activity names. Just click on the text box and type in a new one!

Ready to work on telling time? Post your favorite type of clock next to the name of each activity. The set includes three versions: digital, analog and a combination of both. They’re all editable too!



The 60 editable schedule cards are customizable so you can easily change the activity names. You’ll find one card for each of the following events:

–> Art

–> Assembly

–> Birthday

–> Buddies

–> Calendar

–> Class Meeting

–> Clean Up

–> Circle Time

–> Craft

–> Daily 5

–> Dance Party

–> Dismissal

–> Drill (4 versions)

–> Field Trip

–> Free Choice

–> Gym

–> Journals

–> Library

–> Lunch

–> Math

–> Math Centers

–> Morning Work

–> Music

–> Pack Up

–> Party

–> P.E.

–> Pictures

–> Phonics

–> Play Time (2 versions)

–> Poetry

–> Quiet Time

–> Reading (3 versions)

–> Recess (3 versions)

–> Science

–> Science Centers

–> Smart Board

–> Show and Tell

–> Snack

–> Social Studies


–> Surprise

–> Visitor (2 versions)

–> Tablets

–> Technology

–> Word Work (4 versions)

–> Worship

–> Writing (2 versions)


–> Analog

–> Digital

–> Both analog and digital


Check out all of the cards included in this set below.

Editable Literacy Center Labels

Editable Literacy Center Labels

Whether you use Daily Five, reading groups or something else entirely, these editable literacy center labels make it *so easy* to customize a station rotation that’s a perfect fit for your classroom. Grab your set in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Then, speaking of literacy, try out our awesome Emergent Readers Bundle to…

Target Teacher Hacks

Target Teacher Hacks

Don’t go to Target until you’ve had a chance to take a look at these Target teacher hacks! The creative ideas will make your classroom colorful, fun, and functional all at the same time. Get ready for an awesome Target makeover. Then, become a VIP Plato Pack member so you can get all of the tools, strategies…

Gorgeous Classroom Libraries

Gorgeous Classroom Libraries

Get ready for some serious inspiration! These gorgeous classroom libraries are packed with cheerful color schemes, genius organization tips and cozy designs. Add just a few of these ideas to your space and your students will be motivated to read all year long! Get inspired and then become a VIP Plato Pack member so you…

STEM Challenge: Build Famous Landmarks

STEM Challenge: Build Famous Landmarks

Can your kids build the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China AND the Empire State Building in one afternoon?! These 47 STEM challenge cards use real pictures of famous landmarks from around the world to inspire kids to build those three sites and so many more.

The STEM challenge cards are a great way to help kids develop abstract thinking, design, engineering and building skills.

Just cut apart the cards and grab a batch of building blocks for some serious STEM fun.



–> Great Wall of China // China

–> The Twelve Apostles // Australia

–> Mount Everest // Nepal

–> Piazza San Marco // Italy

–> The Hollywood Sign // USA

–> Mount Eden Crater // New Zealand

–> Neuschwanstein Castle // Germany

–> Hagia Sophia // Turkey

–> The Great Buddha // Japan

–> White House // USA

–> Pyramids of Giza // Egypt

–> Saint Spyridonas Church // Greece

–> Tower Bridge // England

–> Notre Dame Cathedral // France

–> Sphinx // Egypt

–> Golden Gate Bridge // USA

–> Burj Khalifa // United Arab Emirates

–> Leaning Tower of Pisa // Italy

–> Forbidden City // China

–> Jefferson Arch // USA

–> Saint Basil’s Cathedral // Russia

–> Sydney Opera House // Australia

–> Parthenon // Greece

–> Space Needle // USA

–> Taj Mahal // India

–> Eiffel Tower // France

–> Angkor Wat // Cambodia

–> Kukulcan El Castilla // Mexico

–> Easter Island Statues // Chile

–> Empire State Building // USA

–> Colosseum // Italy

–> Arc de Triomphe // France

–> Machu Picchu // Peru

–> Statue of Liberty // USA

–> CN Tower // Canada

–> Tower of Hercules // Spain

–> Rialto Bridge // Italy

–> Stonehenge // England

–> Sucevita Monastery // Romania

–> Petronas Towers // Malaysia

–> Potala Palace // China

–> Red Fort // India

–> Wat Phra Si Sanphet // Thailand

–> Butchart Garden // Canada

–> Ayers Rock // Australia

–> Red Fort // India

–> Cologne Cathedral // Germany


For students who are ready for a challenge, the pack includes 4 different record sheets to choose from too!

The famous landmark STEM challenge is a perfect compliment to our toothpick STEM structures!