10 Beginning Reader Books for Boys

Like anything in life, we all know that the best way to learn how to read is to spend time reading so I knew I needed motivating books that would get my sons’ brains excited to practice… I just couldn’t find them. So I pulled together this set of 10 motivating, boy-tested early reader books about things my boys love most: race cars, monsters, sports, dinosaurs, construction machines… Grab your set of 10 early reader books for boys in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!

10 early reader books about things boys love most: monsters, dinosaurs, race cars and more.

Even reluctant boy readers are motivated to spend more time practicing because they’re about some of their favorite things.

What’s Inside?

Each story uses predictable text so that new readers can notice the word patterns and confidently read on their own.

Awesome pack of 10 early reader books for boys! So motivating for guided reading groups!!

In addition, all of the books come with matching pointer graphics that you can cut out and glue to the end of craft sticks to make helpful pointers your boys will use to touch underneath each word as they read PLUS preview cards you can use to introduce kids to new sight words and vocabulary.

My boys love these early reader books! They're all about things they love most - monsters, things that go, outer space...
Ready to Read?!

Download your own copy for just in our store or in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. (You can grab our 10 Guided Reading Books for Girls HERE!)

10 early reader books about things girls love most: pets, dress up, ballerinas, baking and more.

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  1. Erin

    I love these! Right now I’m working on some literacy packets for boys and I’ll be sure to include these in a list of additional resources. Great ideas!

  2. Amber

    How can I purchase these??



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