Book Treasures

PicMonkey Sample1

  Calling all Martha Stewart types!  Help your child improve her reading comprehension and give yourself an excuse to get crafty at the same time.  After reading a book together, give her a small “treasure” that you made for her to keep as a reminder of something important in the story.  For example, we made […]

Reading When You’re On the Go


Playing Bingo is an entertaining way for your child to practice reading when you are out and about.  I am posting two versions of Bingo – one that’s designed for children who are learning their letters (“ABC Bingo” ) and another for kiddos who are learning to sound out words (“Words Bingo”).   To play, print […]

A Letter to Obama’s Dog

Writing to Bo, Obama's Dog

I am a huge fan of connecting reading and writing to real life experiences.  I read books about doctor visits before my boys visit their pediatrician to help them connect stories to their own life and I try to talk out loud as I add items to our grocery list so that my sons will […]

Words I Can Read Scavenger Hunt

Words I Can Read Scavenger Hunt. Super fun and simple way to build kids' reading confidence. {Playdough to Plato}

Children love to collect things – rocks, Matchbox cars, stickers…. So it makes sense that they would also be motivated to learn to read new words if they could collect them.  But how?   One way that teachers help children begin reading is by encouraging them to notice words that are already written around them.  […]

Writing with Conversation Hearts

Conversation hearts

The jury is still out on whether or not conversation hearts are a tasty Valentine’s Day treat or a chalky, pink nuisance.  Whatever your opinion, you and your child can put leftover conversation hearts to good use by using the messages written on them to write a story or letter.  Plug the hearts in whenever […]

Refrigerator Reading Practice

Small refrigerator magnet

Have you ever taken the time to brainstorm all of the things you can do with refrigerators?  Probably not.  You may be surprised to learn that a refrigerator is a great place to teach your child reading skills.  Pull out those magnetic letters and start practicing spelling words.  If your child’s weekly spelling list includes the word “have”, […]

Valentine’s Day Writing Made Simple

Valentine Card

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about conversation heart candies, shiny red foil filled with chocolate, and my most loved Valentine’s treat: handwritten cards.  Involving your child in writing valentines can be painful but, thankfully, it doesn’t have to be.  You can make the process easier by setting […]

A Tasty Combination

Green Eggs  {Playdough to Plato}

Two of my favorite things are reading and eating.  Combining the two is a heavenly combination.  Help your child become involved and connected with a book by eating foods that are highlighted in a story.  The picture to the left might look unappealing at first, but imagine fixing these green eggs after reading the Dr. […]

Making an All About Me Book

Brushing Teeth: Part of an All About Me Book

Children love to look at themselves.  My boys could stare in the mirror making silly faces, smiling, sticking out their tongues, etc. for hours if I let them.  And research has proven that children learn best when they connect new learning to something they already know well.  It makes sense, then, that teaching your child to read (something […]

Postcard Exchange

Postcards from postcard exchange

I love learning about different places both in the United States and abroad.  That is probably why one of my all time favorite literacy projects is joining a postcard exchange.  The premiss is simple: sign up to send a postcard from your community to everyone who is assigned to your exchange group.  In return, you […]