A Cleaner Playroom AND A Reading Lesson


I confess, I have a little bit of a type A personality. I begin planning birthday parties months in advance. I assign one household chore for each day of the week (washing laundry on Monday, grocery shopping on Tuesday, etc.)  And I get goose bumps just thinking about a messy playroom.     Although my […]

Bringing Books Alive: Airplanes and More

Reading Airplane Books On An Airplane

When my family and I took an airplane trip recently, I packed several plane stories to take along on the flight so that my oldest son could connect the illustrations he saw in books at home with the super-sized real deal.  Hands down, his favorite story of the bunch was Amazing Airplanes by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker. […]

6 Fun Ways to Practice Rhyming

Rhyme Time

Before a child begins reading on his own, he often masters certain pre-reading skills.  For instance, he can break words into syllables (“popcorn” has two: /pop/ and /corn/) and he can name the first sound in a word (“popcorn” starts with the sound /p/).     Rhyming is an important pre-reading skill because it helps […]