Featured Teacher: Connecting to Books


By Susan Wilson, Fourth Grade Teacher   This week’s featured teacher is Susan Wilson.  She is a National Board Certified fourth grade teacher and is currently staying at home with her two irresistible sons– one is three-years-old and the second is eight months.  Susan is one of those natural educators who makes inspiring a class of ten-year-olds […]

A Tasty Combination

Green Eggs  {Playdough to Plato}

Two of my favorite things are reading and eating.  Combining the two is a heavenly combination.  Help your child become involved and connected with a book by eating foods that are highlighted in a story.  The picture to the left might look unappealing at first, but imagine fixing these green eggs after reading the Dr. […]

Bringing Books Alive: Cookies and Playdough

Cookies: Connecting Reading to Real Life

With just a little bit of planning, you can make stories come alive for your child.  Leo Lionni’s Little Blue and Little Yellow follows the story of two best friends: a yellow blob and blue blob.  After becoming separated from one another, the blobs are overjoyed when they finally meet.  They hug each other tightly […]

Postcard Exchange

Postcards from postcard exchange

I love learning about different places both in the United States and abroad.  That is probably why one of my all time favorite literacy projects is joining a postcard exchange.  The premiss is simple: sign up to send a postcard from your community to everyone who is assigned to your exchange group.  In return, you […]

Bringing Books Alive: Airplanes and More

Reading Airplane Books On An Airplane

When my family and I took an airplane trip recently, I packed several plane stories to take along on the flight so that my oldest son could connect the illustrations he saw in books at home with the super-sized real deal.  Hands down, his favorite story of the bunch was Amazing Airplanes by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker. […]