Vowel Team Activities
Awesome vowel team activities for kindergarten and first grade.9 vowel team postersCut and glue word sortSay the word and spell it in the boxesIMG_8504Vowel Team Bingo!Roll a word. Is it real or nonsenseRead the words out loud and dab the real oneColor each word by long vowel soundRoll you die, read the word and write it in the chart

Vowel Team Super Pack


Our vowel team activity bundle is packed with motivating games and eye-catching posters teaching kids nine of the most common vowel teams:-ie, -ee, ue, -ae, -oa, oe, -ui, -ay, -ai.

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Product Description

If you’re helping kids learn what happens when two vowels are written side-by-side, explain that when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking and the second one goes out for tea.

I’ve included a set of memorable posters to help the concept really stick. There’s one for each of the nine vowel teams included in the set: -ie, -ee, ue, -ae, -oa, oe, -ui, -ay, -ai.

“Great for struggling second graders as a reminder of these vowel sounds! Very useful!” – Tracy H.

Also included are eight motivating follow up games and activities giving kids extra practice using the trick:

Real or Nonsense Read and Sort
BINGO {Class Set}
Say It and Spell It
Dab the Real Word
30 Clip Cards
Cut and Sort Sheets
Roll and Write Dice Game
Color by Family


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