Sound Boxes
102 Sound Boxes for Phonemic Awareness102 sound boxes for preschool or kindergarten reading practice!Slide in a LEGO brick as kids say each phoneme.Squish balls of playdough for each phoneme.Slide Matchbox cars into place as kids identify each phoneme.

Sound Boxes


Sound boxes (also called “Elkonin boxes”) help kids build a strong foundation of pre-reading skills by teaching them how to identify and replace phonemes in words.

This mega pack includes 102 sound boxes giving kids practice sounding out 2, 3 and 4 phoneme words. 

To play, students say the word out loud normally once and then stretch out the word slowly. They tap their finger (or slide a manipulative) into a box for each phoneme they hear.

Step up the fun by using the sound boxes with a variety of manipulatives: sliding counting chips, driving in Matchbox cars, squishing balls of playdough, clipping small clothespins, sliding LEGO bricks, or writing an X with a dry erase marker.

Children will soon be able to name and replace phonemes in a snap!

NOTE: All of our activity packs are instant downloads.

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