NO PREP Place Value Activity Pack

Activities for ages 4 to 7.

Learning place value can be a big challenge for kids – it’s a complicated concept, after all. To help kids tackle the numbers 1-120, I designed a NO PREP place value pack filled with engaging, hands-on and motivating activities. No prepping, no gluing, no cutting. Just print and teach.

NO PREP Place Value Activity Pack. Perfect for morning work, math lessons, math stations or homework. Common core aligned.

The NO PREP Place Value Activity Pack is a must for any kindergarten or first grade math curriculum. The 59 COMMON CORE ALIGNED activities are great to use for math stations, morning work, homework or math lessons.

Grab your set for just $5.99 in my shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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Skills Taught

Inside, you’ll find motivating, NO PREP ways to teach:

*Counting to 120,

*Counting forward from a given number,

*Comparing numbers,

*Understanding that the two digits of a two-digit number represent amounts of tens and ones and

*Finding 10 more or 10 less than the number, without having to count; explain the reasoning used.

Easily Differentiate

Most of the activities include multiple versions giving you plenty of ways to differentiate. One student can be working on the numbers 1-10 while another child completes the same activity with the numbers 111-120.

Easily Differentiate - NO PREP Place Value Activity PackCommon Core Aligned

And if you’re going to use the activities in an American classroom, I included a helpful list of kindergarten and first grade Common Core Standards that align with the pack. Easy peasy.

NO PREP Place Value Activity Pack - Common Core Aligned

Action Shots

While I was testing out the activities with my boys, they cut and pasted numbers with the matching base ten blocks…

NO PREP Place Value Activity PackWe showed numbers four ways: tracing, coloring, counting and spelling…

Awesome NO PREP Place Value Activity PackThey Bingo dabbed the biggest number in a pair. {This one’s a great way to help kids notice the difference between the ones and tens place.}

Awesome! NO PREP Place Value Activity PackRolled their way to 120…

Race to 120. NO PREP Place Value Activity Pack.

And tons more!!

Get Your Pack

Grab your NO PREP activity pack for $5.99 in my shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Purchase Here



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