Kindergarten Busy Bags: Part Three

I’ve heard that good things happen in threes and that is definitely true of this three-part busy bag series.  Boy Mama Teacher Mama and I teamed up several weeks ago to give away six printable kindergarten busy bags: 3 that work on literacy skills and 3 that focus on math.  So far, we have shared Addition Airplane, Pizza To Go, Submarine Subtraction and The Color Wheel.  Today, we are excited to pass on our final two.

FREE Kindergarten Busy Bags

If you are new to busy bags, you are in for a treat.  By spending a little time prepping these activities, you will save time and sanity later when you are running out the door and need to grab something that will easily entertain your child.

Click on the “Read More” tab posted after each picture to find assembly instructions.

Spin A Sight Word


  • Sight Word Spinner printable HERE
  • Scissors.
  • 1 brad.
  • 1 paperclip.
  • 1 short writing tool. Snap a pencil in half, pick up a short pencil from Ikea, or use a golf tee.
  • 1 plastic lid. 8 ounce tubs work best.
  • Lamination sheet to protect the spinner. I bought a pack for $10 at Target.
  • 1 large Ziploc bag.

Getting Ready

Use your scissors to cut around the edge of the Sight Word Spinner and then laminate it.  The spinner includes 12 of the most common words your child will see in books, magazines, letters, etc.  They are called “sight words” or “high frequency words”.

{Playdough to Plato}

Unbend the paperclip so that it makes an S-shape like the one pictured below.  Attach the paperclip to the spinner by pressing a brad into the center of the circle.  In the photo, my brad is blue.  Your spinner is now complete.

Spin a Word {Playdough to Plato}

To make a reusable writing tool for your child, clean the lid of an empty plastic container.  8 ounce lids work best because they are small but any size will do.

Use your thumb to press a ball of clay or play dough flat into the lid.

{Playdough to Plato}Note: You could use a Magnadoodle Board if you don’t have any clay/play dough in the house but clay is really best.  When your child does this later, he will improve his muscle memory for writing sight words by feeling the tug of his pencil against the clay and he will strengthen his thumb muscles by smudging the clay to erase a word before writing the next one.

Place all of the supplies in a large Ziploc bag.  You only need to keep the lid of your container and may throw the bottom in your recycling bin.

Spin a Sight Word

Your child will spin the spinner and write the word the word that is chosen in the clay.  In this example, the spinner landed on the word {and} so I wrote the word {and} in the clay.

Spin a Word {Playdough to Plato}

After writing each word, your child will use his thumb to smudge the clay so that he can write the next word that he spins.[/learn_more]

House on the Hill


  • Houses on the Hill printable HERE
  • Scissors.
  • Glue stick.
  • 1 large Ziploc bag.

Getting Ready

Cut out the houses from the printable.

{Playdough to Plato}Glue the background pages side-by-side and place the supplies in a Ziploc bag and you’re finished.

House on a Hill

Houses on the Hill {Playdough to Plato}

  • Arrange the houses in a pattern and “read” the pattern with your child.
  • Repeat above a few times to see if your child understands what a pattern is and how it works.
  • Create the beginning of a pattern using the colored houses and have your child complete the pattern.
  • Try a variety of patterns from simple to more complex.
  • Have your child create a pattern for you to complete.

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Malia Hollowell

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  1. love the sight wheel. i will be pinning this for when Goblin is older.

  2. Love your busy bags, Malia and BMTM! Thanks!

  3. Hi Malia,
    I do not see where to print the sight word wheel for the busy bag. it says in the column to the right. We love your we sight and ALL your activities!!
    Thank you so much

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