Alphabet Tracing Cards

Activity for ages 3 to 5

It’s no secret we love ABC games around here! When my three year old asked if he could learn how to write “like his daddy”, I jumped into action – pulling together 12 fine motor activities that would build his hand-eye coordination and hand strength so that he would be ready to write letters and words later. Along with these Freebie Letter Cards, I am sharing some ideas for using them in four different ABC games


ABC Games: Freebie Letter Cards


The Fine Motor Mega Pack has been one of our biggest sellers and has earned two very big thumbs up from kids.  Take a peek at what’s inside by downloading these freebie letter cards. The font is very similar to Handwriting Without Tears’ – a popular handwriting program for kids. The simple circles, lines and curves are designed to help children learn to write letters more quickly.

So, you’ve probably already guessed one way you can use these cards: laminate each circle, give them to a child and have him trace the letters over and over again using a vis-a-vis marker like this:

ABC Games: Freebie Letter Cards

But that’s not all! Here are four more ABC games to play:




Help your child arrange the cards in ABC order.


Word Play


Take turns randomly pulling a card from the pile and naming a word that starts with the letter chosen. In the example below, the player might say, “ox”. Then, Player Two would pick a different card from the pile and name a word starting with the letter written.

ABC Games: Freebie Letter Cards



For this ABC game, print out two copies of the printables and cut them out. Lay the cards face down on a flat surface. Invite Player One to turn over two cards. If they match like the photo below, the player keeps them.

ABC Games: Freebie Letter Cards

But if they don’t match, Player One turns the cards over and lose his turn. Then it’s Player Two’s turn to try and find a pair.


When all cards have been claimed, players count up their matches. The player with the most pairs is the winner.


Hide ‘n Seek


The name says it all. Hide the letters throughout your house and send your child on a hunt to find them. Easy peasy and oh so fun.


Try It Out!


Ready to download your own copy of the tracing cards and fine motor pack preview? Click here and then check out the other 11 printable activities included in the fine motor pack. You’ll also love our Free Alphabet Activity Pack!



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Malia Hollowell

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. My little one is going to LOVE this. I love that it is a quiet yet educational activity! I will definitely be printing these TODAY!

  2. Thats a nice printable and ideas for use. I guess you can use the laminated one for playdough mats as well. thanks for sharing

  3. Great printable and games! I love the idea of incorporating writing into it. You could also tell them they are making their own game for extra motivation. Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!

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