Class Six : Learning Word Families

Once your child has memorized letter sounds, he is ready to launch into reading. And the fastest way to help your child start recognizing a lot of new words quickly is to teach him word families – groups of words that share the same sound and spelling. For example, the words {dog, log, frog, fog} belong to the {-og} family.  The words {red, bed, Ted, led} are part of the {-ed} family.


Our focus this week is different from our rhyming work a few weeks ago because we are spending time reading, writing and noticing spelling patterns.


Activity Pack


Grab your activity pack here.




Additional Activities


Rhyming Jars {No Time for Flashcards}

DIY Duplo Word Family Spinners {Filthy Wizardry}

Handmade Paint Chip Word Family Builders {The Snail’s Trail}

Word Family Printables {Enchanted Learning}

Word Family Pull Out Activity {I Can Teach My Child}

Magic Spoons {Teacher Bits and Bobs}

Word Family Spiders {Tunstall Times}

Word Family Slam {Toddler Approved}


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What are your favorite ways to teach word families?


Malia Hollowell

Malia Hollowell

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  1. I’ve been struggling a bit to get Rosie interested in practicing her word families indoors so decided to take it outside. I wrote two sets of the -ed and -in word families on little flashcards and then hid one set around the garden and laid the other set on an outside table. Rosie then had to find the words, read them, take them back to the table, find the matching word and deposit in a little box. She loves this game and for the first time really she started to properly sound out words – very exciting!

    On another note the Showdown game mentioned above is an absolute favourite in our household! & we also loved the family word garden game!

    • Imagining Rosie running around the garden practicing word families and sounding out words put a huge smile on my face, Debs! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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