3 Gardening Books to Help Grow Curiosity

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When one of my girls asks, “Why does _____?” I often answer the question and then start to ramble. Sometimes language gets in the way. Are you familiar with The Montessori Method? It often teaches children through actions rather than words.

Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden. {Robert Brault}

Every spring our family works together and plants a small raised garden. It is an opportunity to get your hands in the dirt and make learning fun. Each season we head over to our local library to checkout as many plant books as we can find. Below are three of our favorite titles:

{Gardening Books for Kids}1. The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss is a wonderful classic. This book was originally published in 1945 and has never gone out of print. My girls started reading this book when they were toddlers and five years later we still have it in our in-home library. It is a lovely tale of patience and perseverance, perfect for early-readers. The repetition and emotion in the book make it an easy-to-memorize read.

{Gardening Books for Kids}2. How a Seed Grows by Helene J. Jordan is the perfect book for your little scientist. I highly recommend any book from the Let’s Read and Find Out Science series. They take complex subjects and make them digestible for young minds. This book will help your child understand the basics of gardening.

{Gardening Books for Kids}3. A Sunflower’s Life (Watch It Grow) by Nancy Dickmann is a must-have book. If you can find a space to sneak sunflowers somewhere in your yard, do it! Your children will be amazed by how quickly they grow. Plus, the birds they bring in the fall are delightful. Every year our family experiments with building a sunflower house, click here for directions.

Do you have a lack of space in your yard? Don’t let that stop you! Even the ledge of a kitchen window is sufficient.


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  1. We love The Carrot Seed, too!

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