Giveaway: Heidi’s Jumpin Numbers Vol 1 and 2

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Giveaway: Heidi’s Jumpin Numbers Vol 1 and 2

The true test of any product is using it with a room of five and six year olds. Kids are sure to have an opinion and they’re not afraid to sugar coat it.  Heidi Songs DVDs have always been a HUGE hit with my kindergarteners. The kids smile along with the silly songs and quickly learn the reading and math skills the tunes teach. It’s hard to beat fun-filled learning.


That’s why I’m so excited that Heidi Songs is teaming up with our other sponsors to generously offer a series of summer giveaways on Playdough to Plato.  This time around, they are giving away a 3-pack of Math DVDs:


Jumpin’ Numbers and Shakin’ Shapes Volume 1: Helps kids with number 1-10, 7 basic shapes and other counting skills.

Jumpin’ Numbers 11-30 Volume 2: Teaches kids how to read and write the numbers 11-30.

Musical Math: Works on patterning, skip counting, addition and coin recognition.


3 DVD Giveaway


The 3-pack is sure to have your kids smiling their way to better math skills.


Ready to enter to win?


Answer this simple question in the comment section below: What would you use Heidi Songs DVD to teach your child first? You could write {numbers} or {addition} or {patterns}. There’s no pressure to come up with something new or different. Just take a second to share an idea.


Players can add a comment once each day through Friday, July 19th at midnight (PST).  The winning comment will be chosen by Saturday morning and the winner’s name will be displayed below.   Players must be 18 years or older to play.  Good luck!




And the winner is…. Lucky comment 78!!

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Congratulations Mel and thanks to everyone who played along.

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Malia is a National Board Certified elementary teacher turned stay at home mama to three young kids {4, 2.5 and 5 months}. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Education {go Stanford!} and spent seven years teaching in a classroom. Since starting Playdough to Plato in 2012, her ideas have been featured in Parenting Magazine, Pinterest's Top Educational Pins and Kiwi Crate.


  1. numbers 1-10

  2. Recognize 13 to20

  3. 11-30 number recognition.

  4. Read and write the numbers 11-30.

  5. Patterning! He needs all the help I can give him!

  6. I would teach shapes first! I heard her songs are a great way to teach so many great math topics! My kinder kids would love this in the classroom! Thank you for the giveaway :)

  7. coin recognition!

  8. Patterning! I think I could use a little help with that, too!

  9. number 1 – 10. I have a child with special needs and he learns faster when there is music involved.

  10. I would work on numbers. I have 1 of Heidi’s sight words dvds & the kids absolutely love it & learn their words! I am a special education teacher & music really helps some children learn & retain. Thank you for having this giveaway.

  11. skip counting!

  12. I teach Pre-k so I would start the year with the Volume 1, numbers
    and shapes!! I have heard and read wonderful things about these DVD’s and want to incorporate more learning activities w/through music and movement!

  13. Recognizing numbers 1 to 10. My son loves music so this would be a great way to help him learn his numbers!

  14. Skip counting

  15. to enjoy learning and more about what numbers are

  16. patterns

  17. I’d do the shapes with my grandson….red octagon, red octagon, red octagon.

  18. I would use it to help with early concepts of addition for sure!

  19. Numbers

  20. Numbers!

  21. Number to 20 :)

  22. Skip counting

  23. Number recognition 13 – 20

  24. Patterning. Then I would move to numbers 1-10!

  25. I would use the DVDs with my 6 year old son. He struggles with numbers and math concepts. I think this would be. A fun way to layer math in his life.

  26. Practice writing numbers 11-30!

  27. Addition and coin recognition!

  28. Numbers 1- 10

  29. We would use them for all Math! We need to work on everything!

  30. Skip counting for my five yr old. Thank you.

  31. Number recognition

  32. Oh any number of things…patterning, coins, addition…

  33. we would need to work on the most basics of anything “math”/ Nothing is being retained.

  34. Patterns

  35. I would review the numbers from 1 to 10 and then work heavily on the teen numbers as they have a hard time with those numbers.

  36. Skip counting

  37. The numbers 11-20 would be awesome!

  38. We are in PreK so this wouls ALL be great for my two boys!

  39. My twin four year old granddaughters love music so they could really use it for learning addition and numbers

  40. numbers

  41. I would do the musical numbers first – just because my kids LOVE music and i think it would be a hit with them!

  42. teaching
    numbers 1-30

  43. my youngest needs help counting past 12 and my oldest is intersted in skip counting.

  44. I do a lot of patterning activities w/ my preschoolers and am always looking for new ideas!!

  45. Number

  46. Numbers 11-30, especially the repeating pattern of numbers higher than 20. Those are tricky for my 4 year old.

  47. Shapes and counting

  48. Letters

  49. read and write the numbers 11-30

  50. 1 to 10 Number recognition

  51. My pre-k class would really benefit from the 11-30 number DVD!

  52. I’d love to do skip counting with my boys.

  53. Numbers for my daughter; addition for my son!

  54. numbers 1-10

  55. Id start with patterns

  56. The tricky teens!

  57. I teach a preschool so would probably use both consecutively! So glad I found your site!

  58. numbers 1-10

  59. I would start off with shapes and patterns since I teach pre-k. This would help my bilingual students a lot.

  60. numbers 1-10

  61. Get my kids up moving and doing activities to cross their hemispheres of their brain with various movements to stimulate learning!

  62. My nephews are just beginning to count, so this would be perfect for them!

  63. Patterns & numbers. I want to win!

  64. I would start with counting. I have Sing and Spell by Heidi Songs and it is awesome for helping kids to learn.

  65. Numbers, numbers!!

  66. Addition!!

  67. Numbers!

  68. Patterns

  69. I love the idea of learning patters through musical math! My goal for kindergarten this year is to increase number sense and I don’t think that anything or anyone can do that better than music and Heidi!

  70. I would love to use this in my classroom for numbers… It would be a great addition to my collection!

  71. Oops! “patterns”

  72. I would teach my Kinders that math can be a wonderful song and dance experience! A math DVD pack would rock my classroom!

  73. numbers

  74. I love Heidi songs! I would use the dvd’s to help my 4 year old son to recognize his numbers 11-30. I would also use them for my kindergarten class as a fun way to teach kids their numbers!

  75. Numbers and shapes.

    Heather (

  76. Numbers 1-10 for sure!

  77. I will use it first to teach number recognition 0 to 10.

  78. Number Sense

  79. Skip counting.

  80. I would treach the shapes first since I teach pre-k.

  81. I would use HeidiSongs to teach the shapes! Especially since it’s one of the first things in math we do for the year.

  82. Numbers! Singing helps learning and it is fun! Heidi’s blog is wonderful! Love her work.

  83. I would teach shapes and numbers through movement and coordination.

  84. Recognize and write 11-30 and shapes (including rhombus).

  85. Numbers and Patterns!!!!

  86. Tricky teen numbers!

  87. Numbers 1-10

  88. I would start with numbers 1-10. Knowing them makes life for our kiddos so much easier!

  89. Numbers 1-10

  90. My class would benefit from the Numbers DVD, especially the tricky Teen numbers.

  91. I would use the songs as we review our shape of the week and for daily number recognition.

  92. Addition

  93. The first thing I purchased for my class was the Letters & Sounds dvd and cd. My kiddos love them! Not only has it been a big hit in my class but I was able to reach a student that I was working with and nothing seemed to help him catch on. The dvd was the trick! The music, singing, action along with the visual was the key. I have yet to purchase any number dvd’s but want to add them soon!!!

  94. Numbers!:) thanks!!

  95. Numbers!

  96. Number Recognition 1-10

  97. I’d use them to work on shapes with my grandson, who visits everyday during the week.

  98. We’d practice number recognition!!

  99. If these are as wonderful as the Letter & Sounds DVD,I MUST have them. My K kiddos LOVE Heidi’s DVDs and ask all the time if we can “do some Heidi”). I would start with a review of numbers 1-10 and make sure that all of my kiddos were solid before moving onto 11+.

  100. We love HeidiSongs in my classroom! I’d use it to teach number recognition.


  101. Help my students recognize numbers.

  102. Love her stuff :} I’d sing along with my 8 month old. :}

  103. Love Heidi’s stuff! I use it in my classroom all the time. I would start with shapes.

  104. Most definitely number recognition!

  105. numbers 1-10

  106. Shapes

  107. Numbers

  108. Counting skills and patterning! :)

  109. Numbers :)

  110. I am so excited about Heidi Songs! I would love to use these DVDs during our numeracy block to address those tricky teens. Most of all, I know that the movement and songs in these will make learning fun!

  111. I love all of your materials! I sing all day long mixing shoes, colors, numberS, movement and songs. I mix it all up throughout my teaching! If I had a choice, I would buy all and learn all of the songs!

  112. teaching numbers – we already love the sight word cds!

  113. Songs- not shoes. Lol. Silly auto correct!

  114. Numbers 1-10

  115. Shapes and numbers 1-10 first

  116. Numbers 1-10

  117. Patterns

  118. I would use number recognition first.

  119. Skip counting and #’s 11-30

  120. I would love to use the DVD for numbers for my kindergarten kids! :)

  121. I would first teach my little kiddos to write and identify the numbers 1-10 and write them correctly the songs. They love singing and learning together!

  122. I would love these for review and especially for addition.

  123. I would love to use these to teach numbers first.

  124. Numbers 11-20

  125. I would start with numbers 1 – 5, then add 6 – 10, then 11 – 15, and finally 16 – 20 for my Kinders. It would take a while but they would definitely know them when done!

  126. Each year first term covers
    Number and Algebra – Count 1-10, Recognise and Write 1-5, Patterns AB
    Geometry and Measurement – Shapes, Puzzles, Measure volume, Calendar
    Numbers are always and, excellent place to start. Presenting them in many different ways – subitising, using concrete aids, learning number songs and learn number formations, words and value.

  127. Numbers 1-10!

  128. I teach Pre-k and already use the alphabet DVD which my kid loved this past year. It would be great to start off the year with some numbers and shapes.

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