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I’m the first to admit that I get a little bit nutty about Christmas traditions – going to our city’s annual holiday parade… visiting reindeer at our local nursery… picking out gifts for our adopt-a-family… There are just so many great ones.


Last year, we added a new tradition to our family’s must-do list: writing a letter to Santa. I designed colorful stationery to make my kids’ wish lists more of a keepsake and created “official North Pole” letterhead to use with Santa’s reply.

StationeryPurchase your own set of the stationery {along with 12 other Santa themed math and literacy activities!!} for just $4.99 in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.


How Does Santa Mail a Letter Back to You?


So… what’s a parent to do once her child has written a letter to Santa? Mail it, of course! If you follow the steps below and send the letter by December 10th, the United States Postal Service will take care of the rest.


First, gather together a few supplies:


  • A small envelope.
  • A large envelope.
  • A printout of the blue framed North Pole stationary.
  • A copy of the red framed Letter to Santa stationery. (Choose the one that best fits your child’s writing style.)
  • Two stamps.


Then, use your very best Kris Kringle handwriting to forge a note from Santa thanking your child for his letter on the blue North Pole stationery. Fold the note up and place it inside the small envelope. Stamp it and address it to your child. As the return address, write “Santa Claus” and “The North Pole” and tuck this smaller envelope inside the larger one like this:



On the larger envelope, use your return address and label the recipient as:


North Pole Postmark


4141 Postmark Drive

Anchorage, Alaska 99530-9998


Add a first-class stamp to the right hand corner.


Once your behind-the-scenes work is finished, invite your child to start working on his letter.


My son used a copy of the draw-in-a-picture stationery and created a masterpiece of the scooter he is hoping to receive. Then we folded up his picture and placed it inside the larger envelope. {I was hugely relieved that he didn’t notice the other envelope already hiding inside.}  We dropped our note in the mail and are now excitedly waiting for Santa to write us back.


Merry Christmas!!


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Malia is a National Board Certified elementary teacher turned stay at home mama to three young kids {4.5, 3 and 1}. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Education {go Stanford!} and spent seven years teaching in a classroom. Since starting Playdough to Plato in 2012, her ideas have been featured in Parenting Magazine, Pinterest's Top Educational Pins and Kiwi Crate.


  1. I love this idea! I might just have to do it!

  2. Thank you, Cassie! Let me know how it goes if your family decides to pull out the stamps and mail a letter. :)

  3. We write letters to Santa every year but I had never thought of Santa sending one back!! What a great idea! My 4 year old loves seeing his name on anything that comes in the mail, so Santa is definitely going to have to send a return letter this year ;) Thanks for the idea!! LOVE all your stuff!

  4. Love this printable! Adorable.

  5. Thank you, Marnie! That compliment means so much coming from you.

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